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Immersive & Interactive Services

Our creative technologists, strategists, producers and coders design and create experiences that seamlessly integrate the latest experiential technologies in ways that are engaging, effective and measurable. Our full-service content studios create the latest in video, animation, 3D and immersive content for desktop, mobile, console and tablet platforms.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality relies on apps that recognize markers to show additional information on screen. We offer a one-stop-shop approach to AR development, our teams can not only create the required AR app, but all the content that goes inside.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality worlds are constructed in specialized software tools by VR developers using realistic 3D animations, 360° videos or an artificial environments. We create custom virtual reality (VR) interactive experiences, with video and 3D animated elements and real-time tracking of headset and controllers.

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping is based on the concept of creatively using everyday projectors, but in place of projecting on a flat screen, light is mapped onto any surface, converting regular objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays. We offer full production services for the visual end result, including the 3D representation and scripted timelines.

Interactive installations

An interactive installation is an exciting way to activate a physical space through technology, sound and light that responds to you. They consequently turn people from passive audiences to engaged active participators. Our interactive team can design kiosks and booths that allow the visitor to interact with your products, real or in 3D, extending information and technical data, watching testimonials, product explainer videos or browsing applications.

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No two projects are the same – and it is extremely important for us to understand your vision and roadmap to be able to propose a compelling solution, whether it’s a big project or small.


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