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Lets’ admit it, 5G is one of the most trending technologies right now. The technology, now in its fifth generation offers various advantages such as very low latency, higher bandwidth and faster data upload, and download speeds. It is no wonder that 5G is a massive upgrade to the existing technologies offered and thereby offering us next-level 5G immersive experiences. Imagine downloading your favorite HD TV shows, movies, etc. in mere seconds or video calling your long-distance loved ones in crystal clarity as if they are just next to you, the possibilities just go on and are endless. The type of interactive things that seemed futuristic and movies a couple of years ago will be now possible thanks to the 5G user experience. Let’s see how this revolutionary technology will offer us the best immersion ever.

5G immersive experiences
How does 5G evolve the Immersive Experiences?

The Various 5G immersive experiences

One of the first industries in the tech world that will benefit from and offer a truly immersive experience will be the gaming industry. With powerful hardware being launched in the market, leveraging the 5G network technology makes logical sense. This in turn will allow game developers and companies to implement newer training modes, innovative marketing strategies, maintenance and more importantly, offer the best 5G user experience in gaming. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will offer a significant change from what it offers now. 5G on virtual reality will immerse a human in a completely digital world. Interactions and related activities with other humans will be done through digital avatars. Seems similar to the concept of the Metaverse, right? This type of immersive session can be implemented in the military to provide for complex virtual training scenarios or even in the health sector. To give you a better idea about the 5G user experience on VR, just watch the Sci-Fi movie, Ready Player One.

Augmented reality

Another area that will offer true 5G immersive experiences will be augmented reality or AR in short. We all know a very famous example of AR, Pokemon Go, ring any bells? What AR does is overlay digital information on physical objects or environments in the real world. Through this technology, users like us can see both physical and digital information at the same time.

Let’s take an example, Suppose there are various field technicians out on the job and want to get detailed assistance about a particular service or equipment, they have to call their experts. Through 5G on augmented reality, they can call them through 5G enabled digital eyewear or handheld devices, they can easily guide technicians through processes or help them find something on equipment in the field by sharing and projecting the digital data to a particular area in the real world.

Mixed reality

Another interesting concept that will be more in demand and high popularity and offer 5G immersive experiences will be the Mixed reality sector. Unlike Virtual & AG reality, this is essentially blending the elements of both physical and digital worlds and creating a real-time unique environment that feels authentic and realistic. It will allow the user to visualize and interact with digital information in real-time data. Just think about watching a live football game at the stadium and interacting with your friends, when in reality, you are doing this all from the comfort of your home. The applications don’t end here.

Digital Twins

This one’s pretty interesting and useful for businesses, and various manufacturing business industries. Want to know the capabilities or the what-if scenarios of your project before it is built and launched into the market? Digital twins are the answer. What it does is deliver virtual replicas of the physical devices present in the real world. The virtual twin is simulated by taking input from sensors and gathering required data from the object’s real-world counterpart. They are processed using related powerful technologies such as AI, 5G on virtual reality and more. One thing we must understand is that processing and simulating this much data in real time requires higher bandwidth and speed. This is exactly what 5G offers to customers. The impact of 5G technology is way higher than we can all imagine.

5g user experience
How does 5G evolve the Immersive Experiences?

How will businesses benefit from 5G?

If you are an entrepreneur or running a business organization, you can even leverage the potential benefits of 5G and transform your business to great heights. Like any business leader, use this time to learn and understand how 5G on augmented reality and related technologies will fuel your business from all angles and provide an immersive experience. If you are willing to try this, just remember, that this will change both customer and employee expectations.

One application is implementing the concept of immersive workspaces. This will create a fully immersive work environment that conveys a sense of realism. It gives employees more interaction, and processes and makes them feel they are at that particular place. Another application of 5G user experience is 3D product visual experience. As we know that most of the product interfaces are 2D visual experiences, with some spoken or written language interfaces. With the power of 5G combined with technologies such as AR, VR, and AI, nonverbal gestures will provide an interactive immersive experience to customers never seen before.

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