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Building a website has almost everything to do with its acceptance by the people who use it, especially if it is an event website. Before the event takes place, the event website definitely is one of the primary modes of updates, advertisement as well as a mode of connection with your to-be audience. What you would want to make sure of is that ample simple survey options are lying at multiple places on your website, which makes the process of ‘reaching out’ easier for your website onlookers. Below are listed some of the widely approved and successful ways to collect event feedback in a post event survey. 

How to Collect Feedback for Your Event Website
Why Should you need to Collect Event Feedback:

Before we dive into the many ways of conducting a post event survey, here is why you should actively look to collect event feedback and have a few post event survey questions ready for people to answer. 

This is major because it will help you get an idea and not assume if your event was a hit or a miss. Moreover, it will help you understand your audience better and whether or not you are catering to their taste. Furthermore, asking questions is a symbol of respect and acknowledgement and it shows that you trust your audience’s mental integrity and prioritize their preferences. This will be instrumental in bringing back the attendees to your event when you host it at a subsequent time. 

While one can use event feedback samples to better their presentations to meet expectations beforehand, here is how you can make your post event survey a successful one.

What are Ideal Post Event Survey Questions like? 
  • Short and Succinct Choice Questions: In most event feedback samples; choice questions are abundant. This is because it helps you understand people’s preferences in binaries. It resolves confusion regarding the areas of interest and also singles out the issue that may have been caused even due to an erratic level of mismanagement. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem at hand, which you may have known about or not, an assortment of survey choice questions and answers can be a great cue to knowing what your event attendees may expect when there’s a next time. Lest you don’t want a poor feedback rate, don’t make your post-event survey questions long and the list endless.
  • Space to Write Longer Answers to Questions: Another great way to know whether your event has left a mark on the ones who attended it and would be gravitating more next time is to leave enough room in your questions for people to elaborate if they wish to. Many experiences, which are albeit solitary, help you gain a more powerful insight into the variety of perspectives, thus incorporating the likes and dislikes of the same to create a more remarkable impact of the event, in its subsequent occurrences. Allowing an attendee to elaborate on their point of view, just like referring to event feedback samples, will serve as an amalgamation of invaluable advice. 
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What Should be Kept in Mind While Conducting a Post Event Survey?
  • Targeted Event Advertisement: One of the very original ways for a successful event website to function is, to keep an event catalogue on your website that people with varied interests can sift through and choose categorically. This can be done by knowing the kind of events that suit one’s interests or by collecting data that can create personalized events charts for them to attend. This is helpful in advertising to a set of audiences for whom that particular event may be of great interest and importance. 
  • Add More Media to the Survey: When a survey takes too long to finish or has too many facets and questions, most people tire away. To avoid making your survey a drab, try to involve media, such as photographs and videos of some memorable moments from the event, that you can expect people to remember. This will thus, freshen up the event and the way it unfurled and progressed. It also helps to make the survey a lot more interactive, as people get to relive and glimpse the moment virtually, once again, thus breaking the monotony of words and questions and answers.
  • Don’t Delay Too Much Post Event: If you seek to collect event feedback through a post event survey, then the most advisable period of time, where people would be willing and eager to submit their reviews of the same, is right after the event transpires. It could be the same day, or in a couple of days so that the event is not a distant memory. It is wiser for the event manager to create a post-event survey beforehand so that it can be meted out to people right afterwards.

Lastly, Gratitude is a great way to end your surveys. Expressing gratitude and appreciation also helps with getting more responses, a higher completion rate and better data. Asking the right post-event survey questions can evaluate an event’s overall performance and provide an organization with crucial information to use as a foundation for future events. All feedback is valuable because it helps the event website adapt and grow.

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