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When it comes to the ranking of a website on Google, there are several important factors. Those of you working in the field of SEO may know most and one of them is Link Juice. Is it some internet slang name for something professional? Is link juice in seo a thing for real? Maybe or maybe not, but one certain thing is that this technique is associated with one of the main criteria for articles to be in a good position on search results. Therefore, to know more about what these are and how they work, it is essential to understand more about Link Juice, so, let’s get started.

link juice in seo
Is Link Juice Real

Introduction to Link Juice

When you have browsed any website, you must have seen a lot of related links within the content, right? Well, this stuff enhances your reading experience and gives knowledge but they do more than that. These so-called links create a positive impact on how Google ranks websites.

Link juice is a slang term for link equity that is defined as the value or authority a particular webpage passes on when it has links to another page. This so-called value helps increase a page’s search engine rankings which is what we all want, right? Therefore, it is something you should consider when building links for your business website. The thing about link juice in seo or link equity is that the more value a page has, the more likely it is to pop up on search engines first whenever a user makes a search related to the content.

How Does Link Juice Work?

Each link offers a particular value not only to the actual destination page but also distributed among any other links on that webpage. But not all the links pass on the same amount of link juice or value. That solely depends on many ranking factors. Let’s start with an example. Consider two identical business websites X & Y.  Website X get one link from an outside source, but Website Y receives no links. When all other ranking factors are equal for both, Website X will rank higher because it has link juice that has been received from an outside source. But what happens if site Y also gains one link?

This depends on the value that each link passes. For example, if website X receives links from four sites while Y receives links from just two sites more link juice is being transferred to X and consequently, X is likely to rank higher than Y in search results. Another factor to know is that passing link juice happens in both directions.

link juice seo
Is Link Juice Real

Is link juice in seo different from PageRank?

Sometimes PageRank, Google’s earliest algorithm is often confused with link juice since PageRank is a metric used by the search engine to determine how a site should rank in the search engine based on its backlink profile. Even though, it was how websites would be ranked in earlier days things are different as the search engine uses many factors, including PageRank, to decide rankings. Even though both terms may seem related, they are not similar.

Distributing Link Juice

This is one of the most important points of Link Juice SEO. One of the things about link juice is that when a link is used in a post, a part of its ranking is transferred from the source side to the destination side thereby creating an impact. The source page, however, that currently hosts the links and transfers the portion of the ranking, can limit how much is directed to each destination content where its links are used. Using the limitation is necessary as it effectively helps controls the distribution of ranking to relevant links only. The limitation can be performed by the source site by using the “no follow” attribute for those links in which case, the destination site cannot take advantage of Link Juice. This results in more links but less page ranking is distributed among the webpage in the destination.

How to get more Link Juice?

Now that you know what is Link Juice and how it works in ranking your website on search results, it’s time to know how to generate more Link Juice in the content since you can offer it to other pages There are several practical tips to get more of Link Juice, some of which are explained below.

Create quality content

Even though various digital marketing parameters are vital to increasing linked juice in SEO, creating quality and relevant content is one of the most important tips to do. If the content on your webpage has no quality, your blog won’t rank high and it will not matter if there are good links, keywords, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on key parameters such as originality, usefulness, relevance, etc. when writing content. If your post meets all these parameters, automatically it will be well-evaluated and ranked higher by Google algorithms. Therefore, this helps get more Link Juice to your website.

what is link juice in seo
Is Link Juice Real

Invest in Digital Marketing Strategies

Depending on advertising and marketing to gain more visibility is a great way to get more link juice in seo. The organic flow of traffic is very important and should be valued, however, investing in paid ads, maximizing SEO strategies, building a social media presence, etc. generates more visibility to the public. As more relevant and visible your website is, the more authority it will have on Google.

Work with guest posts

Guest blogging is a great option to try if you are looking to bring more audience to your site, especially if the destination is a blog having more authority, Creating guest blog posts helps generate great value for marketing strategies. Developing content about your business and posting it on the blog of a partner, facilitates the exchange of links which strengthens the authority of sites in the same segment. Creating quality content can attract more traffic to your domain, making your PR even more powerful.

So, is link juice real?

The concept is real, of course. While the term link juice may sound cheesy, the concept behind it is still valid and used to determine the value or authority of the links added to a website. It’s a way to measure how people see your brand, and you need them to attract links to your website or else other content of similar quality will be ranked higher than yours in organic search results.

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