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Push notification marketing is an advertising strategy through which marketers educate their target audience on a range of devices about services and products through browser notifications.

Push notifications at their core are simply a way of alerting users to information that they have opted-in to from apps and services. Notifications encompass nearly every possible use case and type of service, including other communications mediums like email, SMS, and VoIP.

Users today have a hard time remembering what apps they even have on their device. Notifications help these services deliver timely and relevant information to users, and in doing so, staying top of mind.

recent study showed that mobile users receive an average of 63.5 notifications per day, with most notifications coming from messaging and email applications.

Three Things to Know About Push Notifications

  • Push notifications are the first and often most important communications channel used by apps.
  • Nearly every major app uses push notifications for transactions and re-engagement.
  • Push notification technology is rapidly evolving from a simple message delivery system to a rich and interactive medium
Push Notification Types

1. Mobile notifications – These pop-up messages are sent to users through a mobile app. Similar to browser push, it is possible to use mobile push notifications to send news, offers and sales alerts, reminders of occurrences, prompts customers to conduct a specific action, etc. To obtain mobile notifications, a mobile user should install the app or they can connect with a mobile app development company like GTECH for developing user-friendly mobile applications.

2. Browser notifications – These are browser alerts that can be received by a visitor while visiting a website. They are sent by marketers to notify them of sales, news, activities, promotions. This sort of push alerts enables brands to appreciate the advantages of an app-free push notification.

Why Is It Important?

 Better awareness. In 2019, the number of smartphone users is expected to achieve approximately 2.5 billion. Thus, when companies use push notifications, they display their products and services to a bigger smartphone-using market segment.

• Security. Google API monitors push notifications, thereby ensuring security of user information and preventing client data from being sold.

• Higher dedication. Push notifications allow brands to boost their app commitment by 88%. In addition, they enable businesses to return visitors to a website. Some of the ways in which brands can engage customers include sending appropriate data, reminders, and periodic updates.

• Pleasant insights. To improve your strategies, push notifications provide valuable open rate and CTR stats.

• Affordable channel for communication. You can encourage your brand at a better cost with push notifications.

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