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Tips for instagram stories

Tips for instagram stories

Instagram stories have become really popular and companies have already started using them to connect to their customers and it’s a fact that there are more than 300 million daily active story users.

Stories are engaging and creates the right impression when done it right. But can it be used for marketing your business? Well yes, companies are taking advantage and even influencers does. Here are few tips to do it like a pro.

Lighting is really an important factor but you don’t necessarily need expensive lighting equipment. Natural light works great and is cost efficient. Make sure you don’t overexpose that’s the rule.

A DSLR can give you high quality photos but with the technology today, even camera phones are almost on par and will meet your requirements. Also use your phone to shoot Instagram stories which are more engaging.

Short Vertical Videos
Instagram stories are limited to 15 seconds, so keep it tight and use portrait modes.

Phones can do that too! Crop your videos to the right length to get more people to engage with your content.

You need to be consistent throughout your account following the brand guidelines like color, fonts and content style. Grow up to the audience expectations, nourish your audience with what they like to see and grab their likes.

Hashtags & Locations
Use the right hashtags & location details which will enable users to find your content easily. Find the trending hashtags around and post them right.

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