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Google search is an outright powerful tool in itself. You can achieve anything with it, but are you aware that you can obtain specific results with the same? If you are looking to enhance your search engine efforts, you need to be aware of advanced Google Search operators for SEO. With the right search efforts, your Google searches will be more efficient and effective than before. Let us understand in detail about advanced search operators in SEO as you can leverage them to your advantage. It is easier to search for things online if you know how to deal with Google search operators.

  • Site:

Just like the name sounds, it allows you to search for content that is hosted on a specific domain. If you are looking to search through specific sites then a particular command may be needed.

advanced google search operators for seo
Top 20 Must-Know Google Search Operators for SEO Experts
  • Cache:

The operator allows you to locate the recent cached version of a specific page. If you have recently gone on to make a design change or content change, the command will showcase how Google crawled the new changes.

  • Related:

With the search operator, you can find websites that are related to the website in question. This is effective only for a large domain and you may use the related: command to how Google categorizes the website.

advanced google search operators for seo
Top 20 Must-Know Google Search Operators for SEO Experts
  • inanchor:

The command is used when you want to search for local pages generating inbound links that have anchored specific text. Global results cannot be expected as the data is sampled.

  • allinanchor:

The operator builds on the inanchor command from the above but makes sense if you want to conduct research from pages. It includes all the results in the inbound text anchor.

  • Inurl:

The Inurl Google search operator should be used if you’re trying to find a page on a website that contains a particular word or the URL itself. The search command is extremely useful for diagnosing indexing issues and identifying opportunities for guest posting.

  • allinurl:

The command will further define the inurl command by returning only the results that included all the defined words in the URL.

  • Intitle

The operator allows you to locate results that are targeted for certain phrases or words. To find guest writing possibilities and examine the degrees of term competition, there is a more comprehensive search option available. This is based on the keyword results that are returned.

advanced google search operators for seo
Top 20 Must-Know Google Search Operators for SEO Experts
  • Allintitle:

Similar to the above variables this command refines returned results to include all the words in the title of the page.

  • Intext:

You may be looking for a specific word or phrase in the content. Then the intext: command allows you to locate terms that show in any part of the website page from the page title to the page content. This command is often used by advanced Google search operators for SEO  to help them.  link-building opportunities. Even advanced search operators will further help to enhance the results.

  • allintext:

The operator allows you to refine the pages to only pages that include the terms that you are searching for in the text on the page. SEO search operators are not expected to account for the proximity of the words on the page, only the ones that would be appearing on the page.

advanced google search operators for seo
Top 20 Must-Know Google Search Operators for SEO Experts
  • around(X)

The command paves way for word proximity by limiting your results to pages that incorporate the searched words within X words of each other. Though this command is rarely used it can be helpful when you are searching for quotes, phrases or references.

  • Filetype:

When you are using filetype: they include a keyword limiting returned results to certain file types that includes the keywords. For content writers, it is a powerful site command for information gain. Information gain indicates how much source information a single source may bring to the table.

  • daterange:( XXXXX- XXXXX)

The daterange: The advanced search operator does not show results for a specified range of dates. However, Julian’s date system is used, which calls for the year to be followed by the number of days at the start of the year. This is useful to determine the volume of content published for a certain topic.

  • OR

This is one of the advanced Google search operators for SEO that you may have already used without being aware of what it does. This is useful when you are doing research where you require information on more than a single item.

  • Keyword

During Google search when you use quotes, you are limiting your search to that specific item. You can copy a whole paragraph from an online article, insert quotation marks around it, and use that information to determine whether or not someone has plagiarised your work. There are numerous other ways to find out whether someone has stolen your work or not.

advanced google search operators for seo
Top 20 Must-Know Google Search Operators for SEO Experts
  • – Keyword

The (-) tool is one that you can use if you want to exclude certain topics from your results. The results returned will be excluded from SEO but not from PPC. Even the command does not have a single exclusion limit.

  • @

Are you searching for a specific result from social media? If you incorporate the @ in front of your search results, you will return social media-centric results. Though this is listed on the search refinements of Google it does not always work.

  • Source:

With this command, you can search for specific sources for a given topic in Google News. Though it is restricted to Google News if you are searching for potential link partners or articles sources who have written about a specific topic this command becomes handy.

  • *

If you are exploring possibilities of more matches then you can opt for the * command. It is of real help to find phrases along with quotes. In addition, it is useful for internal audits or Maintenance of your specific domain as well.

To conclude there are numerous advanced Google search operators for SEO that you may make use of for your benefit. Be it conducting research or performing technical SEO search operators  are bound to enhance your marketing efforts in various ways.

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