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01/ Overview

GTECH helped create an Animated Explainer video for Purple Rock, a leading SIRA certified service provider for CCTV Surveillance, integrated IT and communication solutions. 

02/ Process

The primary purpose of this explainer video was to create brand awareness and to generate leads. To achieve best results, we developed a superior script highlighting the solutions provided by Purple Rock to daily IT problems and created a compelling video to gain maximum attention, thus increasing the recall value of the brand. The video was completed in a span of 6 weeks.

We sketched out the entire story first, created designs and animated them. We also reached out to a local VO artist for the voice over.

03/ The Brief

Purple Rock provides a wide range of security solutions, IT infrastructure, annual maintenance services along with event rental solutions.

We were asked to create an explainer video highlighting –

1. Who Purple Rock is
2. What do they do
3. Why choose them

04/ The Process

To fulfil the mentioned purpose of creating brand awareness effectively through an explainer video, we followed the following process to ensure best results.

1. Copywriting

It is of utmost importance that the script created for the video fulfils all the
checkboxes of client’s brief. We developed a script that emphasised the who, what and why of Purple Rock to create maximum impact on the target audience.

2. Mood Board

A mood board is a visual tool that communicates our concepts and visual ideas. It is always preferable to define the style and appearance of the video before diving in to create it. We came up with two styles that we thought would go with the brand image of Purple Rock.

We decided to go with a blend of both styles as it suited the brand and would complement the overall theme.​​​​​

03/ The Concept

Before starting the design and animation phase, it is important to establish a concept from the script and the flow of the video. The best approach to determine the concept is to draw some quick sketches.

After sketching out the concepts, we finalised the flow of the video by arranging the sketches in a series and editing them according to the script. This editing process is called animatics.​​​​​​​

04/ Designing

After finalising the visual concepts and their flow, we started designing visually appealing style frames in accordance with the decide style in the mood board stage.​​​​​​​

05/ Animation

Once we completed designing all the assets, we started animating the explainer video shot by shot.​​​​​​​

06/ Sound Design & Mix

This was the final step before delivering the explainer video. After adding and editing the sound effects, music, and voiceover, the video was ready for delivery.