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Virtual reality plays a successful role all over the world. They have become an essential item in our daily life because of the real-time immersive experience provided at a minimal cost.  Every industrial sector such as the health industry, education sector, marketing sector, and entertainment now uses virtual reality to increase the outcome of their respective parts. Due to this, it has become critical to identify and use the best virtual reality apps for these purposes. Every user now can have a real-time VR experience by using the top VR apps. Speaking of apps, there are numerous top VR apps available for various platforms and we’ll see some of them in this article, let’s get started.

The Best Virtual Reality Apps

  • YouTube
  • Full dive VR
  • Expeditions
  • VRSE Virtual Reality
  • Insidious VR
  • Titans of Space
  • Cardboard Camera
  • Jaunt VR
  • Cedar Point VR
  • Discovery VR


YouTube is the best virtual reality app for enjoying any kind of video in a 360-degree format. You can search on YouTube for the best VR video experience by using a VR headset. A sub-application of the YouTube streaming platform is YouTube VR. In essence, it’s a downloadable application for a variety of mobile devices.

Full dive VR

One of the top-rated and must-try virtual reality apps is Full Dive VR. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store, and it has a high customer rating. Being one of the best virtual reality apps for free, Full drive virtual reality is mostly used for gaming and VR content. They are also helpful for earning cryptocurrency while watching videos, using VR apps, and playing games.

Best virtual reality apps
10 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps Of 2022


Another great free virtual reality app for Android is Expeditions. it helps the users of VR create their virtual reality tours. Users of this app are primarily concerned with exploration, as they can observe a diverse range of locations, landmarks, geographies, scenarios, and many other VR locations.

VRSE virtual reality

VRSE virtual reality app is top-ranked among the best virtual reality apps. You may watch 360-degree digital camera videos from videographers using this application. From the camera’s vantage point, this device gives us a circular vision from all angles. This application supports top-notch videos with a more accurate perspective.

Insidious VR

One of the top VR apps for Android is Insidious VR. This VR app is mainly designed for people who like horror and adventures. Because this app allows anyone to gain experience in real-life horror adventures. Android users can get it for free from the Google Play Store. 

Best virtual reality apps
10 Best Virtual Reality (VR) Apps Of 2022

Titans of Space

With the help of virtual reality, the Titans of Space application gives you a detailed tour of outer space on your Ios device. You can explore at will, evaluate the dimensions of various planets, discover more about different astronomical surfaces, and many more. You should try this VR application. and it can also be used as a VR game through the use of cardboard headsets.

Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is one of the most popular virtual reality apps for Android users. Using cardboard cameras, millions of users are experiencing virtual reality. Cardboard Camera is available for free download on Google Play Store. This application makes it simple to take images with perspective and audio that we’re able to listen to and view in virtual reality.

Jaunt VR.

Another top-ranked VR app is Jaunt VR. It’s a terrific virtual reality software for Android smartphones as well, offering a variety of movies in genres like comedies, musicals, and environments. With its high-definition vision, it offers a realistic theatrical Virtual reality experience. Every one of the movies in this application is free, and the contents are continuously updated.

Cedar Point VR.

Cedar Point VR allows users to experience a different type of virtual reality. A cardboard viewer is required to experience Cedar Point VR. It is a free application for Android users. Cedar Point is getting ready to construct the largest dive coaster in northern Ohio.

Discovery VR.

For users who seek to enjoy wildlife or discovery, this virtual reality app is best suited for you. You can download Discovery VR from the Google play store and experience real-time wildlife in all its glory. A range of first-person videos is available on the application. Because of this, consumers have a distinctive VR experience. You can get narration for a few of the encounters to aid you in your trip.


These are some of the top-ranked and free virtual reality apps for Android users. Apart from that, there are many virtual reality apps available that are second life, sine space, alt space VR, Google Earth VR, and little star, VR and so on. For Android users, the Google Play store exclusively offers virtual reality applications. Android virtual reality programs give users a true sense of place, navigating, exploring a terrifying location, enjoying multimedia content, and so on. Using minimal hardware resources, these applications simulate real-world experiences virtually. With the aid of such applications, we can take delight in various emotions from the comfort of our homes.

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