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Project mapping is the process of warping and blending projected images so they fit perfectly on irregularly-shaped surfaces such as buildings, interior spaces, objects, and natural landscapes, is one of today’s most popular projection techniques. Nearly all surfaces can be masked with graphics and visuals to transform the reality of everyday things into limitless illusions and experiences.
As the top projection mapping agency in Dubai, GTECH offers full event projection mapping services which include 3D representations, video and scripted timelines.
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    PLATFORM As one of the best video mapping companies, we are equipped with the 3D projections you need for any event.
    Related Work Since 2008, GTECH has served 300+ businesses across the globe successfully.

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    LET’S DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT No two projects are the same – and it is extremely important for us to understand your vision and roadmap to be able to propose a compelling solution, whether it’s a big project or small.