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Exceed expectations by taking initiative and understanding participant wants and needs. Work with us to improve attendee experience for current and future events.

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    Events bring brands to life

    Collect meaningful feedback and make smarter decisions when it comes to your events and the attendee experience. Provide attendees, sponsors, and stakeholders with surveys before, during, and after events to make sure that the best possible decisions are made and ensure success.

    With our roots in event websites, GTECH takes event surveys and event feedback to the next level. We power events of all types, for organizations of all sizes and industries.

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    Our event feedback software and survey provide insight into attendee experiences to develop more meaningful events in the UAE.

    Email Marketing

    Power your event feedback program with Inquisium’s flexible and customizable email marketing engine.

    Standard Reports

    Over 75 standard reports including trend analysis and dashboards.

    Survey Scoring

    Use surveys for lead qualification, training evaluations, online exams and more.

    Text Analytics

    Categorize, quantify and analyze open-ended text responses without the pain of coding.


    Respond instantly to attendee feedback with the use of real-time email alerts.

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    100+ PROJECTS

    We aim to build relationships that redefine success and longterm mindset. Inspired by ever-changing needs and expectations, our work is in a constant iteration, with our processes continually shifting as we improve our understanding of overlapping impact-driven industries.

    No two projects are the same – and it is extremely important for us to understand your vision and roadmap to be able to propose a compelling solution, whether it’s a big project or small.