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GTECH offers live streaming solutions within Dubai and the UAE, and since the beginning of this technology, we have worked with large brands, locally owned firms, and even non-profit organizations to make streaming easy. Our team works in tandem with professionals equipped with the best technology and gear on the market to make sure that your event is executed with few to no setbacks. Our event live streaming services include high-security encryption, on-site troubleshooting, and any streaming format you prefer. All audio and video for webcasting as well as streaming video links are monitored with great attention. GTECH also supports on-site switching for events that require multi-camera feeds.

Live streaming enables participants and audiences to come together no matter what continent or time zone they are in. Working with GTECH, a live streaming company in Dubai can be cost and time-efficient. We are equipped to provide webcast streaming services with HD video quality and audio that is crystal clear to get across to your participants and keep your audience engaged.
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    PLATFORM As webcast service providers, we specialize in event live streaming services. Our professionals have the skills and equipment for any event across the UAE.
    Related Work Since 2008, GTECH has served 300+ businesses across the globe successfully.

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