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Event Registration System

An event registration system or software is a platform that allows for attendees of an event to register for it online, giving them easy access to an event by skipping mundane procedures. Once an attendee has filled out an online form for the event, they receive a QR code from the website which they have to present at the event registrations. This event check-in system can be used to create registration forms, collect data like attendee preferences, be a platform where pre-event questions can be asked, and also be a tool for secure payments. You’ll be able to quickly collect all the right information to plan and coordinate meaningful events and have access to it.

GTECH provides online event registration services for conferences, trade shows, seminars, and other corporate events in the UAE. We help you from the equipment you need for registration to post-event reporting so that we can analyze what areas need improvement together and increase the chances of repeated conferences.

We offer a secure, user-friendly, and personalised guest registration process for all meetings and events. Accessible and mobile-friendly, the event registration system is flexible where customers can choose themes and specify requirement details during the registration period. When you choose GTECH to take charge of your conference registration platforms, you will have our full attention and guidance from start to finish.
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    PLATFORM Our event registration services are inclusive of accreditation, registration, marketing, payments, lead retrievals, near-field communication (NDF), radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking, and post-event data analysis.
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