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    Best Virtual Events Platform in Dubai, UAE and Middle East.

    As one of the best virtual event agencies in the UAE, our hybrid event services include virtual event planning, management, and hosting services that save time and money while effectively working toward your event goals. Our agency is trained and equipped to help you reach international audiences in a cost and time-efficient manner.

    Attendees have the opportunity of participating in a secure virtual environment in the comfort of their homes or the convenience of their offices. Provide immersive experiences with one of the best virtual event companies in the UAE and customize digital events on any platform. Whether you want to make an impact on desktop or mobile, our virtual event solutions are compatible with any device.

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    GTECH is the best provider of hybrid and virtual events in the UAE. With our team of professionals, your virtual events will entertain, engage, and educate participants around the world.

    Virtual Conferencing

    Host your online conference in the 3D virtual world and impress your audience with unmatched functionalities like live Q&A sessions, reaction emotes, polls and surveys, and much more on our virtual event conference platform.

    Virtual Ceremonies

    Award individuals virtually and give them the recognition they truly deserve. Acknowledge achievements in our virtual auditorium and digitally award users on stage. Play celebratory background music as users walk to the stage and receive their virtual award. Allow family and friends to be proud of their loved ones with our reaction emotes

    3D Virtual Events Solutions

    Create one-of-a-kind virtual environments with our 3D virtual event solutions which offers 3D registration desk, 3D lobby design, virtual walkthrough, Panel Boards (for Speaker Information, Agenda), Chat, Feedback, Add-to-calendar and more features.

    Virtual Exhibitions

    With our innovative software, you’re able to replicate your favorite physical exhibition venues or create completely new ones using 3D elements and environments. Engage your audience with branded booths that highlight your USP in the virtual exhibition hall.

    Virtual Career Fair

    Connect employers to qualified candidates through an online job fair. Allow job seekers to find suitable positions and network with potential employers through virtual interviews. Applicants can directly speak to employers, share their resumes, and learn about the companies. Virtual career fair platforms are a great way to recruit top global talent from the comfort of your home.

    Hybrid Events

    Seamlessly host in-person events and virtual events at the same time. With our 3D virtual events platform, you can form hybrid event experiences for your audience across the globe.

    360 Degree Virtual Tours

    Seamlessly host in-person events and virtual events at the same time. With our 3D virtual events platform, you can form hybrid event experiences for your audience across the globe.

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