Seo is a process where you end up generating organic traffic by using certain keywords you end up generating traffic. It is an ongoing process where you can generate relevant traffic to your website through search engine page results. ASO on the other hand is the process of making your app list discoverable, visible and appealing helping it to obtain relevant keywords and downloads.

In the last couple of years, SEO vs ASO has gone on to become legitimate marketing techniques which boast organic traffic for apps and websites. Most marketers who are aware of the difference between ASO and SEO should be aware that both of them may sound similar but they are not the same.


SEO vs ASO- The similarities

A common objective of search visibility between SEO and ASO

The main objective of SEO or ASO is to enable the discovery of your website. Both methods focus on generating inbound traffic to your website. An example is increasing app installs by using ASO ensures that your app is in front of the right people. The same objective can also be stated in the case of SEO. In short both these methods try to bring your website or apps on top of the search engine ranking.

Organic users have higher search intent

 The users who arrive at a webpage or app page are all classified as organic. Be it SEO vs ASO their objective is to ensure that you are on top of the search engine results. People are known to trust natural boasts and hence they are looking for a short-term solution to their needs.

The onus has to be on non-branded visibility

The search engine algorithms figure out the relevance of an app or a website to search for that brand. Though ASO and SEO differences are bound to exist the need of the hour is to improve the search engine ranking position. Most of the keywords tend to have intent but a user is not set on a specific solution when it comes to their brand.

Strategies develop on Keyword research

How SEO and ASO can perform their job effectively is dependent upon the strategic placement of keywords. This indicates that the app or the website is on top of your list. Though the basis of modules may be the same a major ASO and SEO difference is that you require different tools to find the keywords of each. Hence to develop your strategy you may use different metrics

The difference between ASO and SEO

It has come to the fore that the main objective of SEO and ASO is to enhance brand awareness and help your app or website to be noticed if there is a need. Both these methods tend to use different strategies to accomplish the purpose by using keywords or relying on algorithms to get the job done. Below are a few tips to consider when it comes to ASO and SEO difference

Visibility factors

Both these methods rely on a quality product. If the website is not able to satisfy the needs of a visitor and they bounce then your app has a high uninstall rate. Quality turns out to be the key but there are a few other factors that influence visibility.

Ranking factors

There are plenty of factors when it comes to SEO rankings. Among them include backlinks, quality content and of course metadata. When it comes to Aso there are a lot of factors that contribute to brand visibility. The overall factors that contribute to the visibility of a website are reviews and ratings.

The thing searches end up searching

The programming of search algorithms is undertaken in such a manner that people can obtain a user-friendly experience and perfect control. But how people come across each tool turns out to be different. In Google Pay or the App Store users are figuring out a way by which they can use an app.

Understand  popularity scores

This is a sensible approach that you are going to apply statistics for web search popularity in an app store. For app stores, you require tools to understand how much a keyword is being searched.

Websites provide unlimited opportunities

Both SEO and ASO are focused on optimization. However, the things that you can optimize among the two are known to differ considerably. The strategy is not going to yield results if it is grounded in a wrong theory. When it comes to SEO there is no limit on the amount of content that you can create. The emergence of mobile SEO services has contributed to its popularity considerably. ASO on the other hand has only one thing to consider which is the app listing page.

Evaluation time

Both ASO and SEO are slow but long-term processes when you compare them to paid acquisitions. With ASO you have an idea of where you are standing with keyword rankings a few weeks once you make a change to the keyword targets. However, you cannot launch an app in the same way and obtain measurable results. Expecting to come across a desired impact within a few weeks would be a mistake at your end

An eye on the future

ASO and SEO difference are bound to exist but the future of performance marketing is not pitting one against the other. Hence you need to explore innovative ways where you can make use of each other.

ASO is not known to affect SEO directly, if you pair both of them it contributes to a better ASO strategy. The reason is that SEO is formulated to drive traffic to a specific destination. There are millions of apps in the market and a lot of searches are being conducted on the app every day. Do not let the differences in strategies of SEO vs ASO confuse you as you may end up choosing one strategy over the other. When done properly both these strategies are known to complement each other effectively.

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