The UN-mandated Kimberley Process (“KP”) Intersessional and historic special plenary, hosted in Uptown Tower, Uptown Dubai—headquarters of DMCC, the world’s flagship free zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise—concluded with progress in key areas impacting global trade in natural diamonds. The event gathered hundreds of diamond industry representatives, civil society, and world governments. Under the leadership of DMCC’s CEO and Executive Chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem, the UAE chaired the UN-mandated KP for a historic second time in 2024.


The DMCC aimed to elevate the Kimberley Process 2024 Event by implementing a seamless and comprehensive event management system. The objective was to streamline attendee registration, approval processes, and on-site check-ins while enhancing the overall attendee experience at this significant global event.

DMCC Kimberley Process 2024


The DMCC faced multiple challenges in organizing the Kimberley Process 2024 Event:

  • Complex Registration Requirements: The event needed a bespoke registration platform that could handle document submissions, approvals, and provide necessary event information.
  • Approval Workflow: Ensuring all participants met the strict attendance criteria required an efficient approval process.
  • Visa Support: Facilitating international attendees’ visa applications by providing official invitation letters.
  • Identification and Branding: Producing personalized badges and branded lanyards to maintain professional event standards.
  • Efficient Check-Ins: Managing a smooth and quick check-in process to enhance the attendee experience.
  • Technical Support: Continuous technical assistance and coordination with event organizers for seamless execution.
DMCC Kimberley Process 2024


GTECH played a pivotal role in addressing these challenges through a series of tailored solutions:

  • Bespoke Registration Website: Developed a customized registration website offering a user-friendly interface for attendees to register, submit documents, and access essential information effortlessly.
  • Approval Module: Implemented an approval module to streamline the review process of attendee registrations, ensuring compliance with the event’s strict criteria.
  • Visa Invite Letter Module: Integrated a Visa Invite Letter module within the registration platform, enabling attendees to request and receive personalized invitation letters for visa applications.
  • Printing of Badges: Managed the accurate and timely production of personalized badges, featuring attendee information and credentials.
  • Printed Lanyards: Facilitated the production of branded lanyards, adding a professional touch and providing practical accessories for holding event badges.
  • Onsite Check-Ins: Provided efficient on-site check-in services with real-time updates to the attendee database, minimizing wait times.
  • Technical Support: Offered ongoing technical support and coordination with event organizers to ensure seamless service delivery and address any arising issues promptly.
DMCC Kimberley Process 2024


The implementation of these solutions resulted in significant improvements:

  • Streamlined Registration: The bespoke website provided a seamless registration experience, reducing the complexity for attendees and organizers.
  • Efficient Approval Process: The approval module expedited the verification process, maintaining the event’s integrity.
  • Simplified Visa Applications: The Visa Invite Letter module facilitated the visa application process for international attendees, ensuring a smooth entry into the event.
  • Professional Identification: High-quality badges and branded lanyards enhanced the professional appearance and organization of the event.
  • Smooth Check-Ins: The efficient check-in system reduced wait times and improved the overall attendee experience.
  • Seamless Coordination: Continuous technical support ensured the event ran smoothly, addressing any issues promptly and maintaining high standards throughout.


GTECH’s collaboration with DMCC for the Kimberley Process 2024 Event exemplified innovation and excellence in event management. By developing a comprehensive, user-friendly registration platform using the latest technology, GTECH ensured a seamless, efficient, and professional experience for all attendees. This project stands as a testament to GTECH’s commitment to delivering top-tier event solutions, setting a new standard for future international events.