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There are countless Google algorithms that have been introduced in the last year or so, but a few of them have changed the landscape of SEO forever. The aim of Google is to update its search algorithm thousands of times during a year. In most cases, the algorithms of Google are too small to notice. But once in a while, Google introduces a change so fundamental that disrupts the manner by which we do SEO forever.

Core updates( 2017- till present)

Since 2017 Google starting referring to bigger updates as core updates of Google. Since that juncture, there is less transparency about what are those updates and which aspects of the search they intend to improve. It is very unlikely that the Google core updates are just improvements over the previous  Google updates or the smaller updates aligned together.

As the effects of Google core updates are unknown, a thing that can be done is to track down the SERP history for the keywords you are targeting. The moment an update happens you can check with your competitors whether they have moved up or down in rankings and an educated guess can be made about the contributing factors.

For tracking your SERP history you may launch a rank tracker and go to targeted keywords.

Bert( Oct 2019)
google algorithm updates
Google Algorithms that Are Currently in Use at its Google Search Ranking Systems

Hazards: lack of focus, poorly written content and lack of context

This Google algorithm update makes use of technology for natural language processing to comprehend search queries better. It identifies entities and interprets queries and relationships between entities. A notable feature of  Bert is that it moves from the keywords as it would allow Google to understand much more nuance in queries and search results.

We have finally reached a scenario where Google is rewarding quality and well-researched content. It’s more important than ever to work toward a meaningful copy. It is better to go for fluff words and adopt an exploratory style of writing. A great idea would be to conduct entity research when creating a copy. This would include relevant entities that would help create a context for your content.

Crises management system

Google has gone on to formulate systems that provide timely and precise information in times of crisis. This includes information updates at the time of personal crises or SOS alerts.

Deduplication system

A search on Google could lead to millions of search pages. Some of the issues could be similar to each other and deduplication may lead to featured snippets.

A helpful content system
google algorithm updates
Google Algorithms that Are Currently in Use at its Google Search Ranking Systems

A helpful content system is enabled so that people have access to original and authentic content.

The exact match domain system

The ranking system considers the words in domain names as one of the factors in whether the content is relevant to a search or not.

Freshness systems

Fresh queries to content are provided when it is expected. The recent reviews of news are updated rather than irrelevant stuff

Local news systems

Systems are identified that surfaces local news when relevant. Examples would be local news features or top news

google algorithm updates
Google Algorithms that Are Currently in Use at its Google Search Ranking Systems

This is an AI system that is capable of understanding and generating language. It is not something that is used for general ranking searches.

Original content matching

Systems are developed so that original content is only shown in the search results. It gives a better understanding of whether a primary page has been duplicated in any way.

Neural matching
google algorithm updates
Google Algorithms that Are Currently in Use at its Google Search Ranking Systems

It is an AI system that relies on the use of Google for representation in queries or pages and then go on to match them with one another.

Spam detection system

A wide range of spam detection systems is in place to deal with content that is a violation of privacy policies.

Site diversity system

The site diversity system goes on to treat subdomains as part of the root domain. For diversity purposes in some cases, they are considered separate sites.

Removal-based demotion system

There are particular policies of Google that allows the removal of particular type of content. Legal removals or personal information removals are also part of the procedure.

Page experience system

People love sites that provide a great experience and it is one of the main reasons why there is a page experience system in place.

Product review system

This aims to reward better quality product reviews along with content that provides meaningful insights and research.

Page ranking system

A page ranking system identifies individual searches or sections on the web on how relevant a page is to a search.

Rank Brain

It is an AI concept that helps us to understand how words are related to concepts.

Reliable information system

There are multiple systems in place that showcase reliable and authentic information. In the process, it demotes the low-quality content.

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