If you are putting your content online, SEO is a topic that you cannot afford to ignore. The fact is that for the best results, SEO for web hosting has to be precise. However,  most of us fail to understand that web hosting and SEO services can affect each other.

There is a possibility that you may have chosen your web host pages years ago and did not think of it. If the traffic could be done with a tinge of boast, it may be worth considering various SEO optimization services for SEO-friendly web hosting.

To be precise SEO is SEO as things are not expected to change among the various types of web hosting. Though subtle things could make a major difference than what you realize. Hence it is recommended to learn and then start doing.

seo for web hosting

How do SEO and web hosting affect each other?

Optimizing your website for SEO is essential. But if SEO for web hosting works against you then it is a waste of time and effort. Web host factors that play a crucial role in SEO include

  • Page loading speed- if your site does not load within 3 seconds, then your hard-done Seo is not going to matter as a majority of visitors will leave the page.
  • Uptime- in case your website is not complying with the industry standards of 99.99% uptime, subsequently, if your website is down when Google crawls it, Google can consider it to be unreliable..
  • Server location- if your web host server is located far away from your visitor’s computer, then you will rank down the list or not at all be part of the search.
  • Security standards- Google implements security standards and if you do not meet them then your website will be still ranked low having great on-page SEO.

You can have an SEO-friendly website but if the latter is not working challenges are bound to emerge in terms of traffic.

Various forms of SEO that you need to be aware

SEO is not about incorporating a few keywords to every page. There are three types of  SEO that make a difference and all of them have to be good in ensuring optimum results. Before we think on the lines of web hosting for SEO let us figure out the different types of SEO keywords.

On – page SEO

It refers to all the types of content on your various website pages. It means the keywords on your website pages or the content in your blog posts. Even backend things like the web page title tags, meta descriptions and internal links fall under the scope.

Off-page SEO

They refer to things that do not happen on your website pages. An important aspect here is to incorporate backlinks and there could be websites that may provide backlinks to you. Google raises your page authority and script guest posts and social media marketing assumes importance here as well.

Technical SEO

It is an umbrella term for any action that you take to improve your search engine rankings. Here no changes are made to your website or any help from any website is taken. This may include fixing broken links, enhancing your website speed and optimizing your site for mobile use.

Seo optimization for numerous forms of web hosting modules.

By now you are aware that SEO for web hosting are two sides of the same coin. The question is how do you optimize your SEO for the type of web hosting that you have?

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting poses challenges for SEO as your website has to share resources with multiple users. If your neighbouring site has a considerable amount of traffic it is bound to slow down your traffic.

  • Optimizing images- ensure that they have the right size for the web and do not place images if it is not necessary. If they are too chunky it is better to compress them.
  • Delete the unused files- You need to be on top of your website files and get rid of any unwanted files that are not in use. This could be videos, images, plugins etc or any other files.

Virtual private network hosting

The above-mentioned pointers may be true for VPS hosting. It is in your best interest to optimize your website speed as much as possible irrespective of the type of hosting that you are on. This has a major impact on SEO.

  • Monitor resource usage- use a tool to monitor which resources are being used for what. This will give you an idea of whether certain applications or plugins are using a lot of the resources
  • Critical functions are to be prioritized- if you see that a lot of the resources are going towards less important functions it is better that you disable and focus on the important functions.

Dedicated hosting

If you are using managed shared hosting, you would have done most of the hard work. To optimize your site SEO, you would need to make small changes

  • Disable hotlinking- the moment someone copies the link of your website on their page it is better to disable this. It is bound to make a major difference.
  • Choose a cloud-based security tool- if you are on a dedicated server any third-party apps can be installed without any issues. If you are looking for another layer of security without occupying memory on the server it is better to find a cloud-based security app.

Cloud hosting

It is at the top when it comes to SEO-friendly web hosting. It is better that you choose a reliable one and you could take a few actions at your end to double up performance

  • Voice search optimization- voice search is becoming popular.  Do not optimize your stuff for typical keywords and it is better to include a few natural phrases too
  • Focus on quality content- quality content is what helps you avail quality backlinks and shares.

Certain web hosting and SEO services optimization are going to be important irrespective of the type of web hosting that you are using. Every small thing helps and if you are not happy with the incoming traffic or when you are ranking on Google SERP try some of these ideas before you intend to switch over to an SEO-friendly web hosting service.

Still, if you have gone on to try everything and you are struggling in terms of web hosting and SEO services it makes sense to avail the expertise of a SEO-friendly company.

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