There are numerous ways of developing an app which include clone app or custom app development. Both of them have certain benefits and drawbacks that a company has to deal with. The comparison of clone app development vs custom app development depends upon the goal that a company wants to achieve along with the level of resources it wants to invest.

On a comparative note, which among custom app development or clone app development is better? The clone app development vs custom app development can be compared on various parameters.

clone app devlopment vs custom app development

What is clone app development?

Clone apps are created by drawing ideas from an already existing application’s features, services, and functionality. The clone app development benefits create similar apps for their client companies. Many people think that cloning apps means the creation of duplicate files from existing ones.

An evaluation of clone app and custom app development comparison means it works if you want to develop an app at a fast pace. If the app delivery time is short it is always better to clone the app.

Clone app development benefits

There are numerous benefits of clone app development rather than resorting to the traditional approach of app development. Below are some of the benefits of cloning an app

Saving of time and cost

A comparison of clone app development vs custom app development indicates that app cloning saves a lot of time and cost. The skeleton is already present and you may skip the initial phase of development. This reduces the turnaround time for all the phases. Cloning an app is an approach that a start-up or a small enterprise should take.

Market tested

Since the inspiration is already available from successful apps that are market-tested the framework is market-ready. This turns out to be a major difference between custom apps and clone apps development. Cloning the app not only simplifies the development process but also extends support to it.


Be it clone app vs custom app development the former is a good way of operating for small enterprises that are looking to touch their MVPS as soon as possible. Cloning apps vs customer app development means that the former can be customized with a unique combination of customization related to the old and the new.

The cons of Clone app development

Less scope for customization

While cloning of an app can take up the process of customization it is not as predominant as custom app development from scratch.

Privacy issues

Both the framework and fundamentals are taken from existing apps, is quite possible that the privacy settings are not updated and could be lacking in certain aspects. Be it clone app vs custom app development the company has to review the privacy options and update them for better performance.

What is custom app development?

Custom app development is an original approach to app development adopted by companies. This is a customized process of app development and it takes care of both front and back-end development. A custom web development company takes care of the testing and launch part so that you have an original MVP that the company may launch. The custom app development benefits tend to accrue over some time.

Custom app development benefits


When the customization of apps occurs according to business goals the product is highly scalable. The customized app not only showcases a superior performance in the present scenario but also for the future.

The focus is on individual aspects

Be it clone app or custom app development if the former goes to the latter, it ensures that all aspects of the app are customized and well-developed according to the road map. The team focuses on the individual aspect of the back end so that the app infrastructure is without any issues.

Unique and high-performance

During the process of custom app development, a start-up can translate its initial idea into a unique app without any compromises. The app development works on an initial idea and builds it from scratch. Therefore, the app is of high performance without any compromises and persisting issues with privacy and run capacity.

The cons of custom app development


To a considerable extent, the process of customizing an app is time-consuming. Since the team has to pay attention to all the aspects the process is extensive. If the deadline for an app delivery is short customizing the app is not a recommended method.


The difference between custom apps and clone app development is that it requires more investment in terms of time and money. Hence the process is very expensive in comparison to the cloning of apps. Yes, if the app turns out to be unique and high-performance then it is a different matter altogether.

Maintenance and monitoring

Since the app has been developed due to customization it is unique in every aspect. So it is evident that the challenges that will emerge in the future may turn out to be unique too. The team has to maintain and monitor the app at all times to ensure that the performance does not go down.

Clone app development vs custom app development- Which one to choose?

When you are comparing app development and launch tactics it boils down to the type of business you are running. If you are the owner of a start-up and want your business to run then clone app development is a viable option. The concept of clone app development is suitable for small and medium-sized companies

On the other clone app or custom app development suggests that the latter is suitable when a company is looking to offer something new to its customers. The companies are not only looking to expand their digital lines but would like a considerable penetration in the target market.

Custom app development allows the market to create a niche and brand identity for itself. In the long run custom app development is expected to provide better performance and return on investment for companies. Be it a clone app or custom app development comparison eventually it all boils down to the need of a business.

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