Google is facing the biggest challenge of AI search engine in recent times. To enhance the search experience, they turn out to be a breeding ground and enhance the search experience as we know it. Now we discuss AI-based search engines Google SGE and Bing are the names that rise to the top. For a considerable period, they are among the best AI search engines that come to mind. No doubt to the fact that they gain considerable attention as well.

Just as the scenario in most cases, the landscape appears far from stagnant. In the market you are likely to come across various AI-based search that may be far more effective in comparison to Google or Bing. 

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The popular AI–based search engines in recent times

Andi Search

It is a start-up AI-based search engine and provides a better way to explore the internet and obtain knowledge. Once you use it for a considerable period you will figure out that there is a better way of obtaining information. The interface uses AI during the entire search results and it is not on the top of the page like Google SGE or Bing does. Summaries and images are offered in such a way that they provide a sense of context.

The AI search engine is highly visual and it does a great job of not only presenting information in the text but among the images as well. Once you compare it to the other search engines you will come across the fact that they adopt a traditional approach. It provides better keyword search results and understands natural language output.

Metaphor AI search

There are various start-ups AI-based search engines resorting to various ways to leverage internet data. Such an approach does not work with traditional crawlers and indexers. What it goes on to do is to formulate a model architecture that has the concept of links based on it. The moment you approach Metaphor it is important to understand that this is not a traditional style search engine.

This AI-based search may turn out to be useful for certain types of searches. Their claim of a general search engine does not hold value. It can be different and, in a few cases, refreshing too. This module is still in the primitive stages of development and it shows in some searches.

Brave AI Search Summarizer

Brave AI-based Search is a privacy-based search engine. It is deployed in such a manner that it complements search and does not aim to be a chatbot. This serves as the complete goal of offering information. The summarizer isn’t invoked for every search as 17 % of searches will spawn the future. The best part about the summariser is the link to resources.

You AI Search Engine

Ranked among the best AI search engines this combines a language model with up-to-date citations to websites that make it more than a search engine. It refers itself as YouChat a search assistant that is available on the Google Search Engine. A point to consider is that it is a privacy first assistant and it claims to be better once you start using it. The best part about the search engine is that you may respond to the latest news and events.

The AI search engine can script code, summarize general images, formulate content and develop content. A free version of You provides unlimited chat-based searches. At the same time, it provides a limited amount of AI image and writing generations. When you subscribe every year the AI-based search engine is available at a lesser cost.


It refers to itself as a generative AI search engine for developers. The technology that underpins the platform is a serious contender in itself. The best part about it is that it does a great job of surfacing details from trustworthy websites. There is a drop-down menu from the search menu that allows users to choose from GPT- 3.5 or the Turbo Model. A point to consider is that the search results may not turn out to be perfect always.

Perplexity. Ai

It ranks among the top AI search engines that are self-described. At the same time, it provides natural language answers to questions that are up to date which may include answering questions about the weather. 

According to search engine marketing agency this platform is a serious contender when it comes to AI search. This is a search engine that provides in-depth answers to dig deep and provides you with follow-up suggestions. At the same time, it is not perfect in every sense.

Something that deserves a special mention about Perplexity. Ai is that it is publisher-friendly. It does a great job of linking to websites from where the answers are sourced. It is fair to say that it is not a search engine but in the true sense an answer engine. The logic is that it imagines how the question-answering session can work out and does a great job of providing answers. This also suggests exploration with suggestions for related topics.

To conclude it has been a considerable amount of time since people had choices with top AI search engines. The choices are limitless and it is hard to figure out which one to choose. At the same time, generative AI is exploring new ways to discover accurate and provide up-to-date information. You may give each of the AI search engines a definite try as it is much better than the top two.

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