If you have decided to post your content online and are not able to decide between blogging or Vlogging. The better news is that you do not have to pick one up necessarily. But if you had to undertake a comparison between blogger vs vlogger there are a few tips to consider which one turns out to be the best one for you.

blogger vs vlogger

Blogger vs vlogger- the definition

Blogging and vlogging are two popular ways where you end up sharing messages with the world. You need to understand what is the vlogger meaning and blogging which enables you to arrive at a quality decision.


A blog is an online journal where you share posts or topics that you are passionate about. Since the early days of the internet blogging has been around but remains a great medium for establishing yourself as an expert in the industry. To start a blog, you need a website and you can use free platforms like WordPress to get started quickly. A few bloggers can monetize their sites through ads or sponsorships.


Coming to the meaning of vlogging it is a video blog where you post regular video updates and not written posts. Especially among the youth video blogging has been an instant craze in the last few years. If you prefer videos to writing it is a great format or looking to explore something visually.

To become a vlogger, you need a video camera or a camera on your phone. You may post your videos on social platforms and share them. Vloggers meaning for a few of us would be earning money from ads.

Blogger vs Vlogger- the difference

By now you have an idea of what blogging and vlogger do, let us understand the differences between them.

Content Format

With blogging, it is about text-based articles or stories. A vlogger involves recording and uploading content. If you prefer writing over video vlogging may turn out to be a better fit. The key is you need to be comfortable on camera and engage with users personally then vlogging may be a better fit.

Time commitment

The creation of video content requires more time rather than writing a blog post. There is a need to shoot and edit video footage. Blogging also takes time though the overall process may be a tinge quicker. You need to consider how much time you want to spend on creating and publishing content.

Search engine optimization

It is easier to rank blog content in search engines since Google and others are set up to index text. Videos may also rank high, but you would need to optimize video SEO that incorporates another layer of complexity. Choose the format that you think may turn out to be an effective one for you.

Technical skills

Vlogger meaning requires production chops like filming, lighting and editing. Blogging only requires you to write and publish your posts using a content management system. If you are not a technical person or not keen on video skills then blogging may turn out to be a better option for you.

Revenue opportunities

Both a blogger and a vlogger have opportunities to earn revenue. Bloggers have better opportunities to earn income through affiliate partnerships. Vloggers may also leverage sponsorship and product placement but they may be more limited in other areas. You need to consider which are the options that interest you the most.

Blogger vs vlogger- which one makes the most money

When it comes to making money online the age-old debate between blogging and vlogging is an important one to consider. Both have a potential to earn income but you need to figure out which path is the most profitable.


Blogging has been around for many years but continues to be a popular way for people to earn money from home. A few advantages of blogging are

  • Flexibility- You have full control over your content and schedule. You can choose how frequently or infrequently to blog.
  • Scalability- Once the blog is established it is easy to scale and monetize through ads, sponsorships, affiliate links, and digital products


Vlogging has become popular in recent years. Some of the benefits of vlogging are as follows

  • Visual medium- Vlogging is a visual medium that many users prefer. It is easier to build an audience and follow it up with a video
  • Faster growth- You have the potential for massive exposure and more rapid growth when compared to blogs. With viral videos, your audience can explore overnight.
  • Higher earning potential- top vloggers make significantly more money in comparison to bloggers. Brand deals or sponsorships for vloggers are often more lucrative.

Vlogging has the potential opportunity to earn more income, though blogging is something that can be easily started.

Tips for success if you are choosing blogging or vlogging

When you need to decide between blogging or vlogging be aware of your strengths and preferences.

Choose blogging

  • If you prefer writing over camera. Blogging allows you to share messages through the written word at your own pace.
  • You may look to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. A blog provides you with a platform to share advice, options and knowledge on topics that matter to you.
  • If you are looking to improve your writing skills. Blogging helps you to become a better writer over some time

Choose vlogging

  • If you happen to be comfortable on camera. Vlogging allows you to speak directly on the camera. Suppose if you enjoy being on camera then vlogging will come naturally to you.
  • You may look to develop a personal connection with the users. Vlogging allows your personality and passion to shine through, as viewers can connect with you at a personal level.
  • You tend to prefer casual or conversational content. It replicates a scenario where you are speaking to your friends.

To conclude by now you have an idea about the meaning of vlogging and what a blogger does, the choice depends upon your preferences. Do not feel limited when you need to choose one over the other. You may resort to the use of both strategies- start a blog to share deep thoughts and use videos to give your audience a personal behind-the-scenes look.

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