Imagine a scenario where your Google ranking dropped all of a sudden. It could be a dozen positions or fall way outside the 100 marks. Google ranking dropping dramatically may have sent shivers down your spine. But there is no need to worry as there are various mechanisms on how to improve page ranking.

Do not press the panic button

Do not panic as this happens to all of us. SEO ranking drop is an inevitable process as this is one thing that all of us can be sure. The better news is that there is nothing to worry drop in SERP ranking. It is better to check your rank tracking as the application is acting up or Google’s turning their ranking algorithm. Check the next day and you will find that things have returned back to normal

But if the reasons for ranking dropped continue to exist you would want to figure out why it happened.

how to improve page ranking

Did Google’s ranking drop dramatically?

Did the ranking drop or the rank tracker flare up? Check the track rankers’ website to see if there are any known issues. When Google alters its search engine results pages, rank turners are often required to update their software  Till that juncture the rankings that report to the users may be off.

Search the ranking drops impact

The search engines and pages impacted by Google ranking dropped dramatically says a lot about the underlying issue. Using the rank track application identify the scope of the rankings drop impact so it is easy to diagnose the issues.  A suggestion is to use a template during the process.

Recent website changes

Major changes to a website result in a rankings drop. Check around with your team whether any high-impact changes have been made to the website. This will give you insights on how to improve page ranking. It is suggested that you check the project management software along with the code repository that relates to the rank drop.

Check the SEO monitoring tool

If the rankings are essential to your business, then monitoring your website for on-page SEO changes is a no-brainer. There is a need to distinguish between technical and content changes as the reasons for ranking drop may be attributed to it. Double-check whether the search engines are still crawling and indexing your website in the same way as before.

Google algorithm update

How to improve page ranking and Google algorithm updates may have a role to play. The number of changes being made to Google’s algorithm is increasing every day. A few of the changes are small and barely noticeable but others are huge which may make or break a business.

Google SERP update

Not every Google update is about the algorithm. The drop in SERP ranking could be by incorporating other elements that may push down the snippet or attract more mention than your snippet. When a featured snippet appears for a query, some may not even take into account the reported rankings.

Disavowed valuable links

People disavow spammy backlinks that they do not want to be associated with, but in 99% of the cases, you won’t have to do to get a penalty. For sure this is going to be one of the reasons for ranking dropped.

Google Manual Action

Since Google ranking dropped dramatically people are afraid, they may receive a penalty. Google issues a site a manual action when a site does not comply with the policies of Google. The manual action of Google can result in some or all of your sites not appearing in the searches of Google.

Website hacked

The sad part is that site hacking still exists in this line of business. If your website has been hacked you need to be aware of it ASAP so that you may take measures to gain control of your site. You should restore it to its original condition. Google scans websites for malicious activity or code. If they find that the website has been hacked, they will suggest to you on how to improve page ranking.

Change in user intent

In some cases, Google may decide to change its intent for a search query. This means that the websites that are not relevant will be removed.  Especially it could be one of the reasons for ranking dropped when the products or services are no longer existent.

Competitors making moves

The competition is currently making moves, they are trying to overtake you and pushing down the listings in the search results. This could lead to a sudden SEO ranking drop as the competition has a major role to play. Investigate and figure out the reasons why there has been a sudden dip in rankings. An SEO strategy to recover ranking can also be formulated in this regard.

Lost Backlinks

Lost backlinks can have a major impact on your SEO rankings. A few of the backlinks are important factors for ranking in SEO. At the same time, an SEO strategy to recover ranking is called for. You need to check whether you have lost any backlinks and there are various applications to help you in that regard. Then you may reach out to the irking websites to see if the backlinks are resorted or not.

Check Google Search Console for a URL removal request

When it comes to how to improve page ranking you shouldn’t take a backstep. While it may be rare that a URL would have been removed accidentally it is possible that you would be looking to double-check and ensure that Google has not blocked your site and content from resurfacing.

To conclude rankings do drop in the world of SEO. Just keep a cool head and figure out the reasons why there has been a sudden dip in rankings. 

The expertise of SEO services in Dubai may be of considerable help in this regard. It is strongly recommended that you monitor the changes made to your website along with the technical foundation. You should not be in the dark about any information.

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