If you are an avid user of Google Search, then there is a good possibility that you may have come across People also search location. The People also search feature was released way back in 2018 to help those searching in Google to make up follow-up searches in case they did not come across what they were looking for.

google people also search for

The people also ask SERP will showcase search items like content marketing examples or content marketing strategies as a user can click on those related terms to understand how to do content marketing. This feature of Google people also search for is important.

Google people also search for keywords

People also search for keywords that are related to search queries which people make regarding a keyword that is being searched about. It is the way by which on how to use people also search for on Google. The objective of Google is to help the end user reach their goal quickly.

People also ask SERP when Google believes a user did not find what they are looking at. The reason could be that they may have clicked on the back button once they clicked on an article. This is bound to enhance the experience of a user when they are searching on Google. Though it is the only thing that it does not do.

People also ask for (PAA) and People also Search For (PASF)

How to use also people also search turn out to be keywords after undertaking an initial search of keywords on Google. People also ask SERP-related questions which people ask about a particular keyword. They may not turn out to be keywords but questions related to a particular topic. Hence the PAA can be a great section to uncover content and blog posts in going after.

Google SERP services are constantly updated with new results and new ways of searching. Once again Google people also search for reaching the results as soon as possible. This ensures a good user experience for all those who end up using Google as the search engine of their choice.

What does Google people also search for indicate?

 People also search means that someone searching for a topic may end up making a  few follow-ups. The PASF shows what are the follow-up searches that people make. If you are a user of Google this would help you when it comes to your search journey in finding the exact piece of content that suits your needs. For SEO services this can help you uncover more ideas that you can go after.

What does Google say about People also search for box?

Google has not gone on to say a lot about PASF.  People also ask SERP feature, indicating that it was released to improve user experience. Google from time to time are known to release featured snippets within its search engine as they try to find out what people are looking for on their platform.

The main ranking algorithm of Google Page Rank is stable in the manner by which it operates, a few of the smaller SERPs are constantly evolving. This is a good chance what is people also feature on Google will hog the limelight in the coming days. Already this is the case for quite several keywords. Google no longer shows 10 results per page, a vital indicator that SERP is constantly changing.

How to use people also search for keywords

Below is a list of tools that help uncover PASF keywords

  • Google SERP- this turns out to be an obvious one. You just need to type a keyword in a browsing window and click on a link. Then you have to click on the back button and watch people also ask for pop-up. A simple approach would be to Google in a keyword and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You are likely to come across more related keywords and topics.
  • Keywords everywhere- this is a keyword research Chrome extension that is free to use. The moment you install it you are bound to get extra SERP features. The feature is expected to showcase related keywords and how to use people also search for keywords. In any case, mostly the results turn out to be similar. This is a fast and easy way to uncover PASF keywords
  • Aherfs- it is a popular keyword research and SEO tool. For a lot of people, it turns out to be a popular tool and one they have been using for years. If you are looking to find related keywords then on Aherfs you need to go to Keywords Explorer.

Ranking for People Also Search For (PASF) keywords

Ranking for people also search for a keyword is similar in ranking to any other keyword.

Search for PASF topics that you can go after

With the above tools you need to find a keyword that you want to go after. A tip to follow would be to include long tail keywords that you have a chance to rank. SEO is known to complicate things when it comes to ranking aspects. Though this is really what holds relevance.

Creation of a unique outline

After having an idea about a keyword and being aware of the search intent the time is right to make a content outline. To craft your SEO outline, you can use a tool like Surfer SEO. In this tool, you just need to zero in the desired keyword and a report will be generated. This report will give you insights on how to place related keywords in an article.

Interlinks and backlinks

After publishing an article, you would want to ensure that you would look to interlink it with other pages on the website. This indicates that you would want every page on the website to link up to the related pages which are already present on the website. You will be able to create a knowledge graph as over a given topic you will have topical authority.

To sum up things, what is people also ask feature on Google turns out to be a great tool for marketers in uncovering new ideas which otherwise may not be found. The best part about PASF is that it is the information that Google conveys to you directly. It is no longer a keyword research tool. The keywords turn out to be valuable as people are searching for them in real-time.

Mostly these keywords possess a lot of search volume, even if the keyword research tools have something else to say. This feature turns out to be handy if you are searching for something on Google for a marketer. It is a great way to find your SEO strategy. SEO operates on the principle of demand and supply. If you can find what people are searching for and formulate content for the same organic traffic metrics is expected to increase.

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