In the year 2019, the production of oil was 4 billion barrels on a daily basis. Here the term oil includes shale oil, crude oil, natural gas liquids and oil sands. The UAE market contributed to 35 % of the world’s total oil production.

Undoubtedly the oil and gas sector are the biggest shareholder in the economy of the UAE. Till June 19th at least. This has a major impact and disruption was there because of the global pandemic.

The role of oil and natural gas marketers

Whether they operate for a company or independently, oil and natural gas marketers play a crucial part in improving the current supply networks.. Digital marketing Dubai would assist in the digital transformation of the companies via through the fourth industrial revolution.

Being a middleman in a complex supply chain, marketers could offer lots of  supporting roles to oil and natural gas companies including

  • Sales and B2B marketing- locating new clients to support local cash flow to the business
  • Reputation management- it helps energy companies rebrand for the future and increase the loyalty among distributors and individual customers
  • Hiring- promoting business to prospective employees who can help support and advance their business.

Ultimately the primary role of marketers in the hydrocarbon supply chain is to ensure the sale and transportation of hydrocarbon products to the respective end age customers.

A digital marketing company in Dubai can use various strategies that is much more detail. This fosters the continuous growth and digital transformation of these companies.

Difference between oil and natural gas marketing

Oil and natural gas companies do have slightly different business models. An example natural gas end stage customer’s, such as your state and local supplier. In turn they supply they finished product to homes and businesses. A major difference between both the verticals is that natural gas markets and being influenced by recognizable factors that crude oil companies tied to global markets.

Digital marketing agency UAE, suggests some of the primary strategies that oil and gas companies can use to expand the brand and increase the growth. Below are some of the oil and natural gas marketing strategies

Online SEO and PPC

Internet advertising Dubai promotes the usage of oil, and its marketing techniques enable enterprises that deal in natural gas and crude oil to increase their online presence. This makes it possible to use several marketing channels to reach a larger clientele.

Even though the volume of natural gas companies in Dubai may be low, the return on investment (ROI) by leveraging that term in one or two new regional markets can significantly boost a company’s cash flow.

Likewise, all hydrocarbon companies’ transit to alternative energy sources creates informative content around solar, wind and renewable energy. It would educate potential clients and create authority around the brand. In this regard availing the services of a digital marketing company in Dubai would help.

It is advised to prioritise bidding on pertinent keywords over Google Ads if you are having trouble obtaining organic real estate for targeted queries. A general notion online advertising is usually for B2B companies with limited engagement channels.

Email marketing

Availing the services of a digital marketing company in Dubai suggests the development of a lead outreach strategy. You may use any leading CRM or email marketing software.

Building enough lead funnels to engage and nurture leads throughout their conversion journey is crucial. This will assist businesses in gaining more business and help them come up when a refinery or distributor is looking to swap suppliers in the future..

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is a better way to increase brand awareness, especially for companies looking to rebrand. Though digital marketing Dubai suggests that it may not be easier for small companies, large oil and natural gas companies could benefit from the reach that traditional ads over TV and radio provide.

Reputation management

Reputation management is critical for any industry historically in hot water with much of the public. Social media engagement, Press releases and ad campaigns are all great ways to help companies rebrand a more holistic energy company.

It is recommended to get into the service angle of the offerings by enhancing your reliability and consistency into local distributors and refineries. Since the cost of switching supplies is at a higher end it is necessary that the potential clients are assured that you can provide them with a reliable supplier. This ensures that they do not lose out on potential profits.

Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions are really popular among the energy industry for brokers, suppliers and distributors. You may consider setting up a booth and attending trade shows to enter in networking with potential clients that you cannot reach out on ordinary channels. This event would allow you to rebrand your business and present new service offerings to clients.

Omnichannel marketing

An omnichannel approach would utilize all the marketing channels would help the energy companies in achieving the best success in the growth. Between the reach of the digital and traditional channels the ability to engage with customers via social media and email resorting to the use of a multichannel approach. The expertise of a digital company in Dubai ensures that the business is constantly pull in new brands and converting the ones that you do not have.

To conclude when it comes to oil and gas companies’ considerations based on the volatility of the industry and its heterogenous customer base. Most of the strategies that are adopted by digital marketing Dubai.

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