Business events are primarily organized to increase brand awareness, promote new products and services and engage and build relationships with their customers.  No matter what the type of event, Email marketing is the most loved marketing strategy marketers have. Why? 

Because one of the best ways to reach your customers is through Emails, according to the data of Wishpond. 

  • 78% of event presenters say email marketing in event planning is their best marketing tactic. 
  • 26% of recipients open event-related emails, with 4.95% clicking on the links. 

But you must be wondering in this well-occupied digital or social media era, why bother using Emails out of all for your marketing? 

Certainly, the first answer to this question would be the numbers, as Email Marketing have some insane stats. Let only its user database which is close to 3.5 billion, with the number of emails sent and received daily. And the second is that no other platform has the capacity to provide the benefits which Email can! 

Why so? Let’s find out!

email marketing in event planning
Building an Engaged Audience: Nurturing Subscribers through Email Marketing in Event Planning

What Are The Benefit Of Email Marketing In Events? 

In today’s age, it is contemplated that Emails have died but the actual truth is that Email Marketing is very much alive. As it has continued to be an effective source of generating leads, mixing it with social media can potentially yield good results. 

But, it can’t be skipped altogether, especially if you want to scale in marketing your business.  

Here are some reasons why!

  • Adding emails to your marketing means directly increasing your business outreach by approaching the far largest number of people.
  • It is a great tool to build excitement among your subscribers by hooking them as you can share glimpses of videos and photos to engage the audience.  
  • It can be a single and effective source of sharing all useful information such as Confirmational, Reminder, or Transactional Emails,  building a call to action pattern, tracking all the activities, and leading to sharing more valuable information with the customers such as pre-event reminders, etc. 
  • Lastly, these Email marketing campaigns help to nurture your audiences as you understand your customer’s choices and preferences better and enable you to showcase relevant content in the future to potential customers. 

How To Use Email Marketing Precisely To Scale Your Event

There are various strategies to market your event, However, they can be divided into two segments broadly!

Pre-event Email Marketing 

In this marketing strategy, a series of Emails are prepared and sent before the launch of the actual official event to keep the audiences hooked. It is primarily done to create a Buzz and get potential audiences excited about what the event is all about. 

You can have a series of emails such as:-  

  • The Announcement Email 
  • The First Teaser Email 
  • The SecondTeaser Email 

It is done to grow the enthusiasm among the potential attendees of the event.

Post-Event Email Marketing 

It is created as a Follow-Up Email campaign after the event to pay gratitude to the attendees and share the highlights and event recordings from the event. It is a good way to pose a call to action and to remind the potential audience to turn up for your upcoming events. You can also inform them about the upcoming relevant activities based on catering to their specific interests from the event changing them into potential customers.  

What Basics To Keep In Mind While Launching Your Campaign To make It Flawless?

There are some basic points to keep in mind while planning for your upcoming email Marketing campaign. 

email marketing in event planning
Building an Engaged Audience: Nurturing Subscribers through Email Marketing in Event Planning

To Pick A Right Email Marketing Platform

Finding an online SaaS solution or Mass Mailing tool is important to automate, personalize, design, format, and schedule your emails as clearly it can’t be done manually. However, there are plenty of tools available in the market that provide free services but they are also limited in their features. Choosing the right tool matters as it holds the power to either scale or fail your business. But the question is how you can find the right tool for you according to your business requirements if you don’t have the Email Marketing tool yet it’s time to do some research! 

The Design Of The Campaign Altogether

The visual presentation of your marketing campaign is very important as it should not look boring and uninteresting to the audience. If your Email is not notable and memorable to the audiences, then it certainly changes the whole marketing game for your business. 

To avoid the same Event Email template should be chosen and customized according to your brand needs.

email marketing in event planning
Building an Engaged Audience: Nurturing Subscribers through Email Marketing in Event Planning

Personalization Of The Emails 

Personalized Emails and content should be the prime concern for any brand or business as it is the single most valued factor by the customers in the Emails. For example, adding the name of the prospect in your email subject and choosing personalized tags in the content. Email Segmentation is the ultimate blow to personalize your Emails with segmentation you can create sub-segments of the customers with shared interests and preferences and then can send them the same Email.  

A successful segmentation can help you boost your click-through rates and event registrations.  

Automated Emails

But even when sending automated emails, make sure to have an SPF record checker in place to secure your emails and to ensure they get opened.

Some of the benefits of using email automation:-

  • It Saves time and energy and increases productivity.  
  • It helps in Building brand presence. 
  • Personalize customer experience 
  • It increases Customer Retention Rate. 
  • Helps to scale the marketing efforts. 

Analyzing The Key Metrics From Time To Time

Checking on critical metrics in Timely is yet another important factor to make the Email Marketing campaign relevant and effective:-

Some of them are:-

  • Οpen rates
  • Click-through rates (CTR)
  • Click-to-open rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Spam complaints
  • Bounce rates

These are some of the important factors to keep in mind while progressing with your marketing campaign.

Testing Your Campaign 

Another way to understand customer behavior and boost Email growth is by testing.

A/B testing is a valuable marketing tool that helps to choose the most effective email content or element based on customer response. 


In a Nutshell, Email Marketing can really be helpful in your next event campaign if you want to build an engaged audience and nurture potential customers.  

It is an excellent way of marketing to increase outreach and prospects. It is a very easy-to-use and effective strategy for marketing as it gives the creative liberty to communicate and engage with your audiences, leading them to the consumer funnel, and capitalizing on your business.

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