Most of us when browsing a website would have clicked on a few links only to return to a website that we originally started on. This happens as the browser is tracking the search history and cookie data. A contextual marketing platform was developed to address this issue. Before we proceed there is a need to understand what is contextual marketing. This is an advertising method that eliminates unwanted ads and heavy data tracking.  In a lot of ways, it is similar to what is contextual targeting where the user’s intent is displayed along with relevant ads.

Before we proceed there is a need to understand the benefits of contextual marketing and provide information on how to get it started in your marketing campaigns.

what is contextual marketing
what is contextual marketing

What is contextual marketing?

Contextual targeting definition is an advertising method where ads are placed in contexts where users are likely to engage and connect. With the phishing of third-party cookies, marketers have a precise idea of how does contextual marketing works.  They are known to analyze the web page text and incorporate relevant ads based on the themes or topics of interest.

How does contextual marketing work?

By now you have a precise idea of what is contextual marketing platform let us figure out how it works. Advertisers can employ contextual marketing in two ways: using programmatic techniques or by using a broad approach.

General strategy

As part of the general strategy marketers may apply a contextual marketing guide to any media that is in use. Firstly, there is a need to identify the target audience persona and the context in which they find themselves. This includes keywords or phrases along with themes that they visit. Based on all this information and a fair understanding of what is contextual targeting the marketers select the top locations or contexts for placing their marketing content.

Programmatic application

Contextual marketing platform also has an application in programmatic advertising. Once a user visits the publisher’s webpage the platform serves an ad placed on the page topic category. An example is if the platform identifies the webpage as a particular domain it will place advertisements related to that niche.

The benefits of contextual marketing

By now you have an idea of how does contextual marketing works let us figure out the benefits of the same.

Improved customer experience

Contextual marketing can enhance customer experience by providing ads in relevant contexts. The basics of what is context marketing stem from the fact that users are not able to come across irrelevant ads. This means that the ads are tailored based on the specific niche or interests of the customers. By doing so contextual marketing keeps the users engaged and interested in the advertised product or service.

Higher ROI

Based on research a major chunk of users is in favor of understanding the benefits of what is contextual marketing in comparison to traditional advertising. This means that PPC advertising services are bound to provide immediate results.

Specialized content

Marketers tend to fancy how they specialize and target their specific audience. Hence the need of the hour is to specialize the content and align it with the needs of users.

Increased click-through rate

Among the users, they are giving preference to contextual marketing guides over data-centric methods. The users are more likely to click on ads or themes that are relevant to their areas of interest.

Best practices to follow on contextual marketing platform

It is essential to follow the best practices when it comes to how does contextual marketing works. Firstly, there is a need to understand the persona of the audience, who are they, and how they are going to engage with the users online. This will provide suitable points to insert tailored content.

It is a challenge to understand how does contextual marketing works. Marketers may have to adjust their inputs or alter the locations for better engagement. The key is to start slowly and be patient rather than investing heavily upfront.

Lastly, attribution may turn out to be critical. With third-party cookies absent tracking and analyzing user behavior is crucial in the identification of successful contextual placements. Marketers having understood what is contextual targeting may fine-tune their strategy. Even they are willing to optimize the steps by outlining the steps that are needed for conversion.

Example of contextual marketing

There are various ways by which the example of contextual marketing is applied.

Email marketing

Contextual marketing can benefit greatly from the use of email marketing. You need to send out emails at the right time marketers may prompt the users to take action at the right time. An example of what is contextual targeting is reminding companies of the new awards that they can apply for helping them to stay on top of the brand. It enables them to engage with the brand in a better way.


When people go on to browse the internet to practice and connect with the target audience. An example of a company is Babbel which promotes language learning services to a relevant audience that is actively searching for such types of resources.

To sum up things by now you have an idea about what is contextual advertising. This turns out to be a valuable and top tools for digital marketing to engage with their target audience. With a decline in third-party cookies, marketers can avoid the pain of irrelevant advertising. The best part about what is context marketing is engaging with customers who respect their preferences and tastes.

Yes, it is fair to discuss that merely understanding what is contextual marketing is not enough  There are considerable challenges, and the digital marketing modules can overcome these challenges by focusing on audience personas. The key is to integrate contextual marketing as part of a larger marketing strategy it can achieve broad reach and drive engagement and users. In the midst of this, there are plenty of opportunities to create impactful campaigns.

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