Having a 9-5 job is essential but what if you need to get a secondary stable income source? The answers are many, investing in different types of digital marketing campaigns, starting networking, etc. If you prefer the digital marketing service provider route, then affiliate marketing is worth trying. Through this approach, you can be the boss and make money practically anywhere anytime. Affiliate marketing is termed as earning a commission or incentive by marketing a particular brand’s product. To make things easier, various affiliate marketing tools assist you in tracking performance, optimizing campaigns, and maximizing profits.

Becoming an affiliate marketer offers several perks both for you and the brands. The first thing is you earn a piece of the profits whenever the brand sells through your marketing. However, there is a catch. Getting into affiliate marketing is easy but the hard part is maintaining it. To make the process a lot easier, some of the best affiliate marketing tools are examined in this article, let’s get started.

affiliate marketing tools
affiliate marketing tools

2024’s affiliate marketing tool list

If you are a marketer or brand looking to leverage an affiliate marketing strategy to increase your revenue, I’ll be covering the top 20 affiliate marketing tools to choose in 2024. As the affiliate marketing tool list is quite extensive, ranging from driving website traffic to cloaking affiliate links to purchasing web properties, etc, this can be confusing if you are someone new in this field. But there’s no need to worry as all the paid and free affiliate marketing tools are listed below so you’ll get an idea by the end of this article.


If you are looking to build affiliate partnerships then ShareASale is your go-to resource. Being one of the top affiliate marketing tools, ShareASale helps connect brands to affiliates who are looking for help driving sales. They get paid per phone call, lead, or website visitor that they drive for the brand. 


It eliminates much of the administrative workload and lets you focus more energy on content creation and promotion tactics. Their robust analytics also help inform your strategy so you can double down on what’s working well.

WP Engine

If you are into affiliate marketing, you will need a website and must know about hosting. When it comes to that, WPEngine is a premium hosting option that provides plenty of extra benefits. Pricing starts around $35 and offers various features such as regular website backups, free SSL certificates, advanced website security protection and more.



This is considered one of the best affiliate marketing tools for hosting websites. Starting at $23.40 per year this is affordable too. Like WP Engine, this one too offers a plethora of features, some of which are listed below:

  • Free SSL & SDN enabled
  • SSD web storage
  • Daily website backups
  • Yoast SEO integration
  • WordPress migration tool
  • Website performance insights

Pretty Links

The thing about affiliate links is that when generated automatically, they are usually long, ugly strings of numbers and letters. Pretty Links lets you create cleaner, custom and easy-to-share affiliate links. Clutter-free affiliate links provide a smoother user experience and offer improved click-through rates. Yearly pricing for beginner level starts at $99.60, $149.60 for marketers and $199.60 for super affiliates.



This one’s for you if Pretty Links is lacking in certain features. Like the best affiliate marketing tools, this affiliate link management tool offers various functions ranging from advanced reporting, and auto-linking to chosen keywords, and geolocation linking. Pricing starts at $99.60/year for the basic plan and up to 199.60/year for the advanced plan


Grammarly is all about improving the quality of your content. Being one of the free and paid affiliate marketing tools, this helps eliminate writing errors and increases user trust and engagement on affiliate sites.

Some of its key features:

  • Improves content clarity
  • Helps maintain a consistent writing style
  • Available as app & browser extensions
  • Plagiarism Checker

Google Analytics

Being an affiliate marketer, it’s crucial to analyse your website traffic to ensure your customers are visiting your website. The higher traffic you get, the better results and opportunities you get to convert potential customers. This is where Google Analytics, one of the best affiliate marketing tools makes wonders:

  • Reveals pages/posts attracted by most visitors
  • Helps identify your top traffic sources
  • Analyse user behaviour metrics like bounce rates, time-on-site, etc
  • Provide demographic data like location, device type, age and gender

Surfer SEO

If Google Analytics isn’t for you, Surfer SEO should suit your needs well. Considered one of the best SEO content optimization tools among the affiliate marketing tool list, this analyses your competitor pages and effectively gives you valuable insights to improve website rankings. Some of its key features include a content planner & editor, SEO Auditing, browser extension, best keyword suggestions for articles, etc. Pricing starts at $49/month. 

Hemingway Editor

Simplifying content and making it readable for customers can create wonders. If your content is complex, the Hemingway editor highlights them in appropriate colour codes and helps simplify it with a set of clicks. More than making the content easy to read, it also points out overused adverbs that you can replace with simpler ones. This is one of the top 20 affiliate marketing tools for content management.



This cloud-based click-tracking solution is one of the best affiliate marketing tool list for paid ad and is specifically designed for those involved in using paid ads to drive traffic. Some of its main features are Data tracking, advanced segmentation, optimization and automation. Speaking of pricing, Voluum is one of the most expensive tools on our list, having a $499/month minimum fee.



Being an affiliate marketer means promoting products across multiple affiliate networks. The challenge, however, is collecting the performance data from all these networks in one place. AffJet, an all-in-one dashboard allows you to seamlessly connect to your multiple affiliate accounts. This supports over 30+ affiliate platforms making it one of the highly preferred affiliate marketing tools.


Visuals in ads play a pivotal role in your marketing. Creating stunning ads that convert can be challenging if you belong to the category of non-designer affiliate marketers. However, all that changes with AdEspresso, Being among the top affiliate marketing tools, you can create stunning ad templates for just $49 per month. Its features include bulk editing, image library access, drag-and-drop visual ad builder, custom audience syncing, etc. 


Want a complete SEO tool for competitor analysis, keyword research, gap analysis, etc? Ahrefs is the obvious choice. Benefits for affiliate sites include researching competitor link-building strategies, rank tracking, content gap analysis, etc. Plans start at $99/month up to custom enterprise plans.



Optimizing affiliate content for conversions and search is tricky. This is where clearscope provides easy-to-digest SEO insights that help polish webpages. Available in a free version offering tons of features including keyword density scores, broken link detection readability & duplicate content checking, etc, this is one of the best free affiliate marketing tools worth trying.

Additional free and paid affiliate marketing tools






Link whisper

Choosing the right affiliate marketing tools

To excel as a renowned affiliate marketer, choosing the right affiliate marketing tools is essential. However, simply picking up one of these top 20 affiliate marketing tools and signing up for accounts isn’t logical and rarely delivers the expected result. The first step is identifying your key objectives, niche, and specific requirements. 

Secondly, performing a detailed study of the top 20 affiliate marketing tools, focusing on their key features, and comparisons and checking out detailed reviews will give you an idea of choosing the one that fits your goal. If everything goes well by this point, it’s time to test the chosen tool by starting with a free trial and switching to paid if you are satisfied.

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