Do you end up including links in your content? Are you aware of the fact that there are different links for various purposes? Inbound links are the ones that point to your website from another site. Outbound links are the ones that you create on your website and point to other ones. Now the question is are outbound links good for SEO purposes? What are the reasons why you should be using them?

are outbound links good for seo

The definition of outbound links

As discussed earlier before we figure out do outbound links help SEO, there is a need to understand what are outbound links. They are also referred to as external links and end up providing visitors with more information about the topic you are discussing. Even it will cite sources that you have used in your research.

The main benefit of outbound links is building page authority and trust with your readers. For example, if you put statistics the reader will be curious to understand whether it is true. The moment you put an outbound link from a credible source the concern is removed as it makes the piece more trustworthy. If you are not using outbound links for SEO, then you are missing out on an opportunity to improve your rankings.

There are instances when you need to use smartly positioned outbound links in your site navigation as well as in your content for SEO benefits.. An example is if there is a blog on a different URL than your main site, then you can incorporate outbound links for SEO. There may be numerous other situations where they may be needed as well. If a sender is sending the receiver to another platform, it is part of the conversion funnel.

Inbound vs. outbound links

Inbound links referred to as backlinks are the ones that point to your website from another website which is a credible one. Outbound links as discussed are the ones that you create on your website and point to other websites. This is typically as sources or dig deep into a topic that you may not cover.

Understanding are outbound links good for SEO or not? Inbound links are considered to be valuable as they show the website they are linking to. But outbound links can be still useful if they are relevant and provide quality content. As part of your link-building strategy, inbound user cases and outbound link optimization are to be used.

Can outbound links Help SEO

The question often crops up Do outbound links help SEO and the answer is definite, yes? Firstly, it has to be mentioned to Google that your website is trustworthy and reliable. If you are linking it to high-quality websites, it shows Google what you are talking about.

Secondly, outbound link optimization helps with click-through rates. If you link it to a relevant website people are more likely to click on that link and visit the site. This in turn will boost your SEO as Google tracks the amount of time people spend on your website.  An idea emerges from the number of people who have clicked on the links.

The best part about outbound links is that they develop a relationship with other websites. If you are regularly linking to another site, they would end up doing the same which further contributes to your better SEO ranking. Outbound links also help to increase website traffic. If people are clicking on your links and visiting other websites it helps in increasing the number of people who are visiting your website.

The reasons why outbound links are useful

Outbound links are most useful when they are informative and generate high-quality content. It is a link to a website that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. Hence it is important to link up to websites that you trust as an irrelevant website can damage your reputation. When you are in doubt it is better not to include an outbound link rather than doing something which hampers your reputation.

You need to be aware of whether a link is good or bad as it is a part of a successful link-building strategy. Below are some signs where a link may be of poor quality.

  • Insecure link
  • No follow-up links
  • Harmful or irrelevant link
  • Link spam

The way by which you may use outbound links

Till this juncture you have a concise outlook on the question are outbound links good for SEO purposes. Not only they are useful you need to put them to use in a precise manner. The best way of using outbound links is to align them with sources that have been used in the research. This shows that the reader have done their homework and they are not making up things. It develops a degree of trust between you and the reader.

Good links emerge from trustworthy sites and not spam ones. Once you are linking it to sources, ensure that it is relevant to the topic An example is if you are writing about furniture link it to IKEA. Conversely, if you are linking it to sports link it to ESPN. Each of these websites provides high-quality backlinks that can improve your overall online visibility in the SERPs.

Apart from linking to sources, you may use outbound links to provide your readers with more information about a topic. An example, it is preferable to link to a  post on SEO when creating a blog about content marketing. This assists you in giving readers more details about a subject and demonstrates your expertise in this field. With outbound links, you can promote other content that you have created.

The best practices for outbound links

Outbound links for SEO have numerous benefits and there are some viable practices for using them.

  • Use anchor-rich text- The anchor text is the text that appears when people click on a given link. Make sure to include anchor text that is keyword-rich whenever you incorporate outbound links into your website. Explaining the purpose of the link to Google, will help your SEO.
  • Use caution when adding outbound links- Too many can make your website appear spammy. Make sure to take the proper precautions while adding outbound links to your website rather than feeling compelled to include as many as you can.
  • Choice of quality over quantity- It is better to have a few quality outbound links than a large number of low-quality inbound links.
  • Follow an internal linking guide- Be sure that you are using the correct keywords also referred to as anchor text. This ensures that the link provides value and makes sense to Google at the back end.
  • As part of your site navigation- Use outbound links and this is applicable throughout the content. When you are writing an article or a blog post, be sure to include relevant outbound links to relevant websites. This will be the perfect answer to the question are outbound links good for SEO purposes. You can add the outbound links to the blog roll on your navigation if the blog has a separate URL.

To conclude, by now you already have an idea Do outbound links help SEO? Yes, outbound links play an important role in your content marketing strategy. There are a series of tips that you need to consider if you are looking to enhance your link-building strategy and start building your brand authority.

Marketers may be busy and they may feel that they do not have enough time. But the above-mentioned resources will be of considerable help. If you are not using outbound links for SEO you are losing out on a valuable opportunity to provide value to your users.

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