GTECH, a leading web development and design firm based in Dubai, was entrusted with the task of designing, developing, and maintaining the website for the Digital Prosperity Awards. 

The Digital Prosperity Awards aim to recognize and celebrate global contributions that foster collaboration and accelerate digital economic advancement among governments, businesses, and communities. The awards distinguish individuals, organizations, and initiatives that promote digital inclusion and address regional or global challenges through the transformative power of digital technologies.

web development case study for Digital Prosperity Awards
web development case study for Digital Prosperity Awards

GTECH’s Approach

GTECH’s involvement in the Digital Prosperity Awards project encompassed a wide array of responsibilities and tasks, demonstrating their expertise in web development and management. The project’s scope included the following key components:

Project Scope:

Website Design and Development:

  • UX (User Experience) Design: GTECH focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly website interface, ensuring that visitors could navigate the platform effortlessly.
  • UI (User Interface) Design: The team crafted a visually appealing and engaging design to captivate the audience’s attention and convey the significance of the awards.
  • Conversion to HTML: The design was meticulously translated into HTML, ensuring seamless compatibility across various devices and browsers.
  • Integration with WordPress: GTECH incorporated WordPress as the content management system, providing a robust and user-friendly platform for website administration.
  • Integration with BeaverBuilder: To empower the DPA team with easy content updates, GTECH integrated the website with BeaverBuilder, a WordPress page builder tool, enabling non-technical users to make updates efficiently.
  • WordPress CMS-Based Content Updates: GTECH facilitated content updates through WordPress, enabling the DPA team to maintain and enhance the website with new information and updates.
  • Regular Content Updates, Maintenance, and Backups: GTECH assumed responsibility for ongoing website maintenance, ensuring its reliability and security. Regular backups were performed to safeguard against data loss.
website development case study for Digital Prosperity Awards
website development case study for Digital Prosperity Awards

Project Scope:

Building and Managing an Awards Platform:

GTECH implemented Award Force, an industry-leading software for managing awards, to streamline the awards process efficiently.

  • Creating and Managing Rounds: The platform was configured to manage different rounds of the awards, allowing for structured evaluation and progression.
  • Creating and Managing Award Categories: GTECH’s team established a robust system for creating, organizing, and managing award categories, ensuring clarity and consistency in submissions.
  • Adding and Managing Applications: The platform facilitated the seamless submission and management of applications, ensuring that nominees could easily participate in the awards.
  • Adding and Managing Judges: The system was designed to handle the addition and management of judges, enhancing the transparency of the awards.

Reporting: GTECH implemented comprehensive reporting features, allowing for data-driven insights and analysis of the awards’ progress and outcomes.

website development portfolio for Digital Prosperity Awards
website development portfolio for Digital Prosperity Awards


The collaboration between GTECH and the Digital Prosperity Awards resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge website that serves as the central hub for promoting and organizing the awards. 

The website’s intuitive design, seamless functionality, and robust content management system have made it a go-to resource for nominees, judges, and all stakeholders involved. 

Award Force’s integration has streamlined the awards management process, offering transparency, efficiency, and data-driven insights. GTECH’s ongoing maintenance and support have ensured that the website remains a reliable and secure platform for years to come.

The Digital Prosperity Awards continue to thrive, celebrating and recognizing contributions that drive digital inclusion and address global challenges through digital transformation.