The fact that 64% of marketers actively invest in SEO shows how crucial it is to increase SEO and your organic presence as part of your marketing plan. If you share this priority then a great foundation for your SEO efforts can be developed with the best content management system. To help maximize your efforts you want to search for an algorithm with built-in functionality for optimizing your webpage and technical SEO.

Platforms that lack functionality provide extensions simplifying the optimization process. This can be beneficial if you are not familiar with the best CMS for SEO practices. Let us now observe the must-have SEO features that you need to have as part of the best content management system.

best cms for seo

  • Customizable page elements- the CMS let you customize the titles, meta description and image alt text of your posts and pages. For your meta descriptions and titles, you should stick to a word limit. In any case, the CMS will count the character lengths for you so you do not have to do so.
  • URL settings- the URL structure is another crucial aspect of your site. Search engines like readers do not like lengthy strengths of words with complex structures. You need to keep your URLs short and descriptive as you want to include only the targeted keywords.
  • Blogging tools- In content strategies, blogs are one of the primary media strategies used. Hence you need to pick a platform with blogging tools and templates to help you get started.
  • Internal linking- Internal linking is another crucial aspect of on page SEO element. Every time you create a new post you may link your pages manually. It can be done with an in-built internal linking tool or an add-on can help to automate the process.

Best CMS for platforms

To help you choose the best CMS that will help you accomplish your SEO goals and needs let us take an in-depth look at some of the popular solutions below


By using WordPress, you can create an SEO-friendly website. WordPress enables you to incorporate titles, meta descriptions and texts along with custom URLS in your pages and texts. To create your website, you may also select from a wider variety of responsive themes in the official WordPress directory and other third-party marketplaces.


If you are looking for the best CMS to build and optimize an online store for search, consider Magneto. It provides a similar experience to WordPress as there are a few standard features that is incorporated into the platform. Though for advanced functionality you need to download an extension.

All these tasks can be carried out manually if you have SEO experience or the time to learn the best practices. You have the option to add illustrative meta descriptions to your product pages using Magneto.


Joomla was designed to be the best CMS for SEO which balances power with the desired flexibility. It is one of the most popular CMSs in use after WordPress. In a lot of ways, it is similar to WordPress as it offers software extensions to verify your website’s performance and templates to change the appearance of your site.

When it comes to SEO features, Joomla is a viable choice for optimizing larger business and e-commerce websites. It is rated to be among the best CMS as it allows users to make SEO tweaks without any extensions.


For small businesses, Wix is another go-to option as it allows a website to be launched quickly emphasizing simplicity and drag along with drop building. Wix helps cover your SEO essentials on your website without getting too much into details.

Being a Wix user, the main resource will be Wix SEO Wiz which is a knowledge base that helps in publishing a website capable of competing in the SERPs. It can help you assess your site’s SEO, figure out how to use it, and figure out how to make improvements on the Wix platform.


For all those who require an e-commerce website, Shopify is a popular website platform for online stores. It is suitable for small websites or individuals who require a simple website with minimal hands-on customizations. Everything is taken care of from designs to hosting that includes SEO fundamentals.

With Shopify, you can target keywords, optimize your website manage canonical URLs that are generated for you and choose from a library of responsive themes. For all those who are new to Shopify as the best CMS, enough help can be obtained through documentation.

Adobe experience manager

If an organization opts for Adobe Creative Cloud, when you are searching for the best content management system chooose Adobe Experience Manager. By using Experience Manager, you can formulate user-friendly URLs and it is also possible to include meta descriptions. Even you may edit the HTML page title so that it is SEO-optimized.

It is possible to integrate CMS natively with Creative Cloud. For Adobe Creative Cloud users CMS works out to be a great platform that would like to align with their asset creation efforts.

CMS platform

It is one of the most potent tools for developing and improving websites for small, medium, and large businesses.. Multiple tools are provided for creating and navigating menus along with a URL direct tool. Before you publish you may change the URL slug, incorporate a tag, meta description and a featured image. You may preview the page or post on how it will appear on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

After publishing you may review the performance details of individual posts and images. An example is in the performance tab you may select the data range to analyse data. You may also customize this dashboard by removing, adding or reordering different metrics. If the page or post is not performing well, you can review the optimised tab and figure out which are the best content management systems to implement.

To sum up things, the choice of the best CMS with the right extensions and features can help you build and optimize the website. For both the visitors and online search it works wonders. This is a vital step in bringing your business online. So, it is better that you invest in a platform that aligns with your SEO strategy that helps you obtain organic traffic. At the same time it boasts your visibility in SERPs.

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