Most of the URLs are unwieldy and trickly which means sharing them online turns out to be a tinge tricky. What is the best URL shortener Google hogged the limelight till it was shut down a couple of years back. The better news is that there are plenty of alternatives out there when it comes to the best URL shorteners. Based on our analysis it is evident that there is no single solution for a given problem.

best url shorteners

The things that contribute to becoming the best URL shorteners

At a basic level, the URL takes some unkind, short links till it becomes an easy one that can be shared. The Popular URL shorteners provide a typeable link on a business or any situation where someone is not able to click on a nice hyperlink. Mostly these URLs are beneficial for shortening long links to fit characters on social media apps

The Popular URL Shorteners


It has all the URL-shortening services in a single app. Bitly Free alternative is simple to use and it is incorporated with all the features that you may ask in a link management service. There is a comprehensive dashboard where you may track down your social media links and understand how the other campaigns are performing. For all the short links QR codes can be generated which means that you can manage everything in a single place.

With the Bitly Free alternative, there is a free account but it is better if you do not opt for the plan. It is always better if you choose the premium plan and there is also a starter plan that you can cash in upon. This turns out to be an ideal choice for small businesses who are looking to generate shorter URLs and the statistics are followed for a considerable number of campaigns.


If you are thinking of an alternative to Bitly or exploring one with a decent fee plan then Rebrandly is worth checking. This happens to be one of the popular URL shorteners and at different prices, a lot of value is provided. So you can compromise needs without having to alter your services. For anyone operating a small blog, the free plan would suffice.

What is the best URL shortener this seems free to use. The web app is fast and it tracks down the popularity of each link and who is clicking


The free link shortener has been in existence since 2002. One of the main reasons why it has been around for so long is that it shortens the URLs and this is done with less effort. TinyURL is a viable tool where you need to create a short link that is never going to expire. You just need to paste the long link into the box and the second half of the URL can be customized. Then the link can be used for a prolonged period without any fear.

To use TinyURL Maker you do not need an account. Once you sign up for one you are going to formulate a history of shortened links. If you are looking for branded domains, analytics or tracking then it would be beneficial. Once you find that the needs are simple it is easy to opt for it.


It is an enterprise focussed that helps turn long URLs into short ones as it also helps to track down the traffic coming from the links. There is a dashboard that showcases the trending links and it is evident that it is one of the best URL shorteners. It is also possible to drill down the clicks at any time of the day.

There are four tiers of paid plans and it is based on the variety of clicks which you need to generate and track. If a business is looking for a full-service URL shortener that their team can access then BL.INK turns out to be one of the better options


Capsulink excels with its Smart URLs that adapt based on device, location, and language, ensuring users are directed to the most relevant landing page, which boosts engagement and campaign effectiveness. It offers a robust link management toolkit, including detailed analytics, API integration, custom branded links, QR code generation, and email address masking. Catering to businesses of all sizes, Capsulink starts with a free plan allowing 5,000 clicks and unlimited links. Paid plans, beginning at $10 per month, provide more clicks, personalized domains, and team collaboration features. Annual subscriptions offer two free months, making Capsulink a valuable investment for maximizing link potential.

The best URL shortener by Zapier

If you are looking to create a shortened link every time for example a photo on your Instagram profile then this one is worth going. What is the best URL shortener this is miles ahead if you compare it to the others discussed now. An automated flow is created  that triggers every time you load a post

There is a free plan limited to 5 active single-tap zaps. With a paid plan you are bound to avail of 20 multi-step Zaps.

Short. Io one of the popular URL Shorteners

Most of the URL shorteners will tell what links people are clicking and the devices they are using, but Short. Io goes one step forward. It is of help to target visitors in different locations using various devices and sending them to a different link. This is useful if you want Android and IOS users to see the same link.

One of the pointers to consider about this URL shortener is that you need to be using your custom domain. What is the best URL shortener the reason is that if you are on a free plan you tend to avail of five of them which no app on the above-mentioned list provides. For any short link that does not work you may set a default domain.To conclude be it for on-page SEO services till the point time you make a short link it is not going to matter a lot to your audience. So it all boils down to how you may formulate a shortened URL and the type of analytics and customization that you require. You may give each of the link shorteners a definite try. Then you can choose one that best works with your workflows.

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