Digital marketing trends and strategies are constantly evolving and before you are aware new digital marketing trends would have emerged. If foresight had been possible, every digital marketer would be exploring clues in the digital marketing domain. As we live in an era of predictions, we need to forecast what is to come regarding digital marketing strategy 2024. Take a somewhat is to come regarding the future trends in digital marketing.

digital marketing strategy 2024

SEO trends

SEO is evolving and the future looks to be technology-driven and user-centric. Do expect the changes to be drastic in 2024, as machine learning helps search engines deliver results based on user intent. New digital marketing trends 2024 in SEO are expected to leave behind a considerable impact.

Google SGE is transforming the search experience with generative AI. The objective is to provide comprehensive and relevant information to users based on questions. SGE is also expected to provide relevant links and has a conversational mode where users can follow up with more questions. In hindsight have a conversation with Google.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic ad buying is used for digital advertisements. When it comes to automated buying it is a process that relies on algorithms and machines to buy ads rather than human intervention. Advertisers can target the desired consumers with AI-assisted programming advertising.

Overall higher conversion rates, and cheap client acquisition costs are the benefits of automation. Ads may be brought or sold on a case-to-case basis with real time bidding which is a programming ad buying technique that enables more precise and quick targeting.

Social commerce

As far as social commerce is concerned it is one of the digital marketing trends 2024 to watch out. China has already established a billion-dollar business out of it whereas India has just started. Brands are using social media platforms to promote their brands online and the audience can purchase the product then and there.

An example of future trends in digital marketing may be the Instagram shop feature to add a Shop Now feature to live videos. This happens to be one of the best digital marketing strategy 2024, which has lowered the time it takes for a customer to go from seeing an ad to purchasing something.


A tradeable token is a digital asset that can be traded. Every NFT is marked with a unique token that identifies it as an original and yours only. Apart from technology and art NFTs are making their way into marketing

They are given in lottery as part of a wider marketing strategy. Using more NFTs as a marketing tool will create a wealth of opportunities and growth.

AI in marketing

AI has caused a lot of stir presently and it ranks to be one among the best digital marketing strategy 2024. A few of the people are speculating that it would rule all aspects of human existence. By using a chatbot 60 % of internet users can get their questions answered on any number of websites or apps at once.

There is a lot of AI that we consume on social media as it is designed to keep us engaged longer. In terms of digital marketing strategy 2024, they have a wonderful opportunity to use this cut edge technology that is expected to touch $ 190 billion by 2025.

Since we are analysing enormous volumes of data AI programs can discover patterns that perform best in the field it study. AI can learn, and programmers can significantly modify results by allowing AI to employ the methods it has described best.

Personalized and automated email marketing

As the name suggests Automated email marketing means sending automated emails to your customers based on triggers or timetables. When it comes to digital marketing trends email has been regarded as trustworthy. It is a great way to communicate with your customers about upcoming sales or company accomplishments.

Due to bulk email approaches most consumers have ceased in replying to promotional mails. Personalized emails are an excellent way to reclaim the customers attention and formulate an engaged customer base.

Voice search

Figures indicate that 55 % of teenagers use voice searches daily. In the coming years voice search is expected to play an important role in digital marketing strategy 2024 due to rampant use of technology among today’s youth.

Google has gone on record stating that its voice search has a 95 % accuracy. The simplicity in voice search has led to an improved search precision. Since this process is appealing and personalized it is easy to use your voice in receiving results and more accurate in matching what the receiver asked for.  It is predicted that half of the digital marketing trends 2024 would be done by voice searches.


In the financial world cryptocurrency is one of the hottest trends. Though no one anticipated its initial success, slowly it entered the market and had a major impact. Currently, there are 10 to 12 top cryptocurrencies in UAE and is expected to grow considering the enormous potential.

The cryptocurrency investment platform has been increasingly popular among millennials who rate them futuristic. Even for the younger generation it raises awareness and gives investors a taste of the new investment opportunity. Like Google pay we can use cryptocurrencies to buy groceries and other stuff. New digital marketing trends have emerged at a major level in the last few years.


The metaverse is referred to as a virtual world within the world and Facebook is the owner of Metaverse. It is a digital universe were augmented or virtual realities go on to create an interactive environment for everyone. Having a digital presentation of oneself in the future world where you can do anything you want seems like it is much more common in video games.

Social trade is now conceivable because of a network of virtual universes/realities where space exists everywhere. Modern-day digital marketers have found a way to overcome that void and formulate new digital marketing with video.

Augmented reality

The integration of Augmented reality into digital marketing has proved to be immensely productive. This significant expansion highlights AR’s pivotal role in shaping future marketing strategies. You may expect more brands to incorporate AR into the campaigns by the end of 2024.

To conclude digital marketing trends are scoring on shared experiences to make better products, advertise and market them appropriately. This enhances the customer experience. Since we are moving into the next circular calendar it is essential to be aware of the current digital marketing trends. The field of digital marketing is wide open and you can embrace it whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional.For more such blogs, Connect with GTECH, a leading digital marketing company in Dubai.

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