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End-to-End Managed Hosting Services in Dubai

GTECH is a managed hosting Services company in Dubai, UAE that offers management, data security, and  cloud deployment. As a managed hosting Services agency, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our strategy positively impacts client business value, processes, products, ROI, and services. 


We cater to a wide spectrum of business needs that range from custom to end-to-end managed hosting Services in Dubai. Our expert team has first-hand experience in various industries which is why GTECH is able to analyze your business requirements and provide tailor-fit managed hosting Services that are constantly updated and utilize the latest optimization approaches. 

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    Why Choose GTECH managed hosting Services?

    GTECH is an established GTECH managed hosting Services company in Dubai, UAE equipped with an expert team to achieve your website’s hosting goals. Our well-rounded and excellent website consultants consistently analyze and guide you with the right  hosting strategy that is tailor-made for your business needs. With GTECH, you will invest in a performance-driven long-term strategy of attracting the right audience to your website, engaging them with remarkable content, and converting them into customers.

    Agile Approach

    Our managed hosting Services revolves around the agile process. With this approach, our skilled team work in tandem with the client in order to optimize your business’ value and return on investment (ROI)

    Continuous Client Engagement

    Our clients are engaged throughout the entire hosting process. This allows us to continuously analyze and adjust to feedback and also ensures transparency. Constant engagement and communication allow us to do our best in providing managed hosting Services that cater to your business requirements and help you reach your goals.

    Dedicated SEO Team

    We consistently provide managed hosting Services across the UAE that are strategic, innovative, and position you as an industry leader. Our managed hosting Services only utilizes the best approach and takes their extensive experience and knowledge in order to establish your brand that thrives.

    Performance Metrics

    All managed hosting projects are executed with performance benchmarks in mind to get an idea of our progress and to maintain high-quality services. We optimize websites, be it page load time, user experience or keyword density, GTECH assists you to raise from the bottom line with the best managed hosting Services

    Does your Organization need Managed Hosting Services?

    Our proficiency as a managed hosting Services has positioned GTECH as an expert in providing services that set you up as an industry leader.

    Managed Hosting FAQ

    Read frequently asked questions on Managed Hosting
    • Fully managed hosting services are only one type of managed hosting where a hosting provider like GTECH is responsible for maintaining your server infrastructure and managing it according to your business goals. 

    • Managed services go beyond what simply hosting provides. Our managed hosting services provide maintenance and management that include responsibilities such as server configuration, security updates, and deployment.

    • By investing in managed cloud hosting services, a business can shift its focus elsewhere regarding operations. In short, managed hosting services take care of anything related to web hosting so that you do not have to but still work in order to fulfill business requirements and reach KPIs.

    • The most popular managed cloud hosting services include:

      • WP Engine
      • GoDaddy
      • Pantheon
      • Bluehost
      • HostGator
    • By working with us and our fully managed cloud hosting services, you can easily reach our team of web hosting experts, and save time as well as money.

    • As a dedicated hosting company, we provide third-party-managed servers for clients that manage and maintain digital assets.

    • Managed web hosting services and their price will depend on the type of managed hosting services you’re availing of and your unique business requirements. Reach out to our team today for a quote!

    • When you’re considering investing in managed cloud hosting services, consider the following:

      • Uptime
      • Performance
      • Scalability of flexibility
      • Security
      • Support
      • Price
    • As you work with us and our managed cloud hosting services, your business can benefit from the increased uptime, security, and cost-efficiency that come with migrating to the cloud.

    • As a team that specializes in managed hosting services, some rules of hosting include strict adherence to industry standards and regulations, ensuring customers’ optimal performance, and maintaining world-class security.

      • Increased Agility

      Investing in managed hosting services gives businesses the ability to scale up or down as needed as we take care of basic server management for you.

      • Better Security

      Cybersecurity is a top priority when you work with us and invest in our managed cloud hosting services. Security best practices remain up-to-date and our team strictly complies with industry regulations.

      • Business Focus

      With GTECH’s team providing managed dedicated hosting services, resources, and attention can be focused on other critical aspects of your business. 

      • Manage Compliance

      As we provide our fully managed cloud hosting services, we guarantee continuous monitoring and rigid data compliance.

      • Fully Managed Hosting

      Known as the “gold standard” of any service provided by a dedicated hosting company, fully managed hosting services allow businesses to operate without worrisome concerns for the web hosting department. Our team takes charge of every step for you, from strategizing to deployment. 

      • Semi-managed

      A semi-managed hosting service divides the responsibilities between your team and ours. For instance, you may avail of some of our managed web hosting services and we are tasked with deployment and nothing else. 

      • Managed App hosting

      We are managed hosting service providers that offer managed app hosting as well. We ensure that the environment of your chosen app is updated and caters to your website’s requirements.

      • Managed Email services

      Another one of our managed dedicated hosting services is beneficial for large businesses that need to outsource email services. You can specify certain email parameters and we take care of the rest. 

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    Since 2008, GTECH has served 300+ businesses across the globe successfully.

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