2023 has definitely been the year of one Google search update after the other with the Google algorithm update, MUM, along with the various upgrades and upcoming features revealed in the recent announcements. Here’s a breakdown of the major Google search breakthroughs this year alone:

Discussion and Forums Section

As per the Google announcements, 2023’s search engine results page will have a discussions and forums section for English and U.S.-based queries. This feature is for searchers who are looking for more information on products and first-hand experiences on various topics on Reddit and other platforms. 

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
Explore “Related” Feature

Thanks to the Google search announcements, 2023 can look forward to more inspiration and related topics. Google intends to launch a new explore feature for English and U.S.-based queries where users can learn about topics related to their original search for a more comprehensive understanding. 

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
Google Lens’ Translated Text

One of Google Lens’ most popular features is its ability to translate selected text. Among the Google announcements, 2023 can expect a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing version of the translated text. Google is utilizing generative adversarial networks (GAN models) which are the technology in Pixel devices that make the “Magic Eraser” work on photos. 

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
iOS App Shortcuts

Among the Google search announcements, 2023 is expected to see is shortcuts exclusive to the iOS Google Search app. These added shortcuts have been designed to make search more seamless and easier for users to use the translate, voice search, and visual search features. 

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
Personalised About This Result

The Google search announcements 2023 covered an expanded About This Result. This feature will now inform users if a search result has been recommended to them based on their browser history and previous search queries but give them the option to turn the personalization on or off. 

Search Query

A Google search update we can look forward to this year includes a more refined and aided search. Google search will now be similar to a query builder as searchers input a certain word or phrase and the algorithm will either autocomplete a query or present potential queries in the form of tappable words. 

Translated News Stories

Though released among the Google announcements, 2022 will not yet see this particular feature but it is definitely something to look forward to. Launching in early 2023, Google search will be able to showcase translated local and international news headlines and even provide coverage. With machine translation, news stories from local and international publishers and outlets are translated into your preferred language.

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
Upgraded Google Multisearch

Google multisearch is getting an upgrade about a year after it debuted. In the next few months, Google multisearch will be a feature available in 70 different languages in addition to its original English functionality and ability to cater to U.S.-based queries. With Google multisearch, users are able to use their phone’s camera to capture an image and combine it with text for a more refined visual search. 

To use this feature, open the Google app (available on iOS and Android) and click on the Google Lens icon which should be on the right of the search box. Using your mobile camera to take a photo of an object and swipe up to access the results. There should be a button labeled “ + Add to your search.” Input your text for a more detailed visual query. 

Visual Queries

Along with other Google announcements, 2023 will be the year that visual information and queries reign. From a user experience standpoint, Google is going to be highlighting and providing visual answers and results. Depending on the query, Google will be able to cater to queries in the form of short videos and other visuals.

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023
“Multisearch Near Me”

Another one of the Google search announcements 2023 has brought about is an addition to the multisearch feature. With multisearch near me, users are able to zoom in and take a closer look at certain objects or products in an image and narrow down the search to local results. 

10 Major Breakthroughs in Google Search in 2023

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