Conducting an event whether online or offline involves spending a lot of money and valuable resources. Unless you are a trillion-dollar company having no problem spending, you will come face to face with fund problems sooner or later. This is where having a sponsor saves your day. Generating sponsorship leads for events not only offers you financial assistance but also helps increase your brand image and connect with a larger target audience with minimal effort. However, the event you offer to your target audience must be something revolutionary, engaging and memorable else it won’t work. 

Even though sponsors are indeed essential to make an event successful, it is not easy to convince and make them work for you due to a specific reason. Sponsors are not doing this for charity, they expect something in return. If your initiative doesn’t offer any sort of returns, why should they spend their money with you in the first place? Here we share some ideas that are worth trying if you are looking to generate sponsor leads for events. Let’s get started.

ideas to generate sponsorship leads
Stick with a minimal risk solution

The event you plan to conduct could be a potential risk, especially if your company is relatively small. If you are wondering how to get sponsors for an event it is better to propose a sponsorship deal involving minimal risks. Rather than requesting the full amount you require, you can ask for a smaller portion and in return provide the sponsors with something valuable.

Offer Incentives

The thing about sponsorship is that it works on a give-and-take relationship. You can offer them a free booth for your event. You can place their name, logo, promotional banners etc. Mentioning them in your social media channels or providing customers discounts on purchasing the sponsor’s products, the list goes on. The thing is that if you’re willing to give more, this can help with generating sponsorship leads for events as it gives the sponsors a solid impression that you’re serious about making the event a success.

Make it larger than life 

When it comes to sponsorships, the bigger your event is, the better it becomes. Presenting the sponsor’s contents on big video screens, projectors or giant interactive screens captures the audience’s attention. If you are low on budget, you can substitute the screens with giant balloons showing your sponsor’s information. Trying this way will surely help you generate sponsor leads for events.

ideas to generate sponsorship leads
Dedicated sessions for sponsors

What if your sponsor got an opportunity to present their business contents through your session? They would definitely like that and be truly benefitted from it. For you, it will help get more sponsorship deals for future events. Providing a dedicated space for sponsors would offer higher value and in turn boost the event’s rate of returns.

Partner with highly reputed companies

It is important to have recognizable brand recognition for your company to attract sponsors for your event. However, if the company is young or small, how to get attention? Partner up with renowned companies in the industry and produce the event. This way sponsors will get to know about your company, and the services you offer and will be assured that you are a reliable firm to do business with. 

Target the right companies

Once you decided on how to get sponsors for an event, you must choose the right sponsors who are aligned with your interests. Convincing sponsors takes time and effort and if you are doing it to the wrong people, your time is just wasted. Take time and look for sponsors and a customer base that is in the same niche as yours.

Utilize your existing relationships

Your relationship with the event sponsor mustn’t be a one-time affair. By maintaining contact and nurturing relations, they could be your savior when the time comes again, who knows? So, if you still have ties to your previous sponsors, reaching out to them and securing the spot is essential before someone else does.

Leverage the power of data

Almost all sponsors who decide to invest in your event will have their own financial goals. But what kind of financial returns will they expect? That’s hard to predict. However, if you have some important data from your previous events conducted, leveraging those will be helpful to generate sponsor leads for events. The data can include revenue gained from promotions, social media engagements, audience reach & more.

Now that you have some ideas at your disposal, why not give them a try and see how it helps you? If it does work, your welcome in advance. For more such ideas, connect with GTECH, an Event solutions company that helps from event promotions till event registrations under one roof.

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