YouTube contrary to what experts believe is an important tool in your marketing arsenal. If you do not use it to its maximum capacity, you will miss out on something.it  . Undertaking a YouTube channel audit is a way to ensure that you are cashing in on your brand’s YouTube channel.

Important metrics to consider in order to optimize your YouTube position and visibility

If you want to undertake a YouTube channel SEO audit look for opportunities to improve rankings and visibility. Below are some of the metrics that you need to focus upon

View duration( Watch time)

The objective of YouTube is to keep the viewers glued to their platform. So the longer this happens the more the YouTube algorithm works in your favour. Monitor your analytics to check which videos are capturing your attention and why

  • Is it more fast-paced and engaging
  • Do they keep up to the promise of title and thumbnail
  • Are they particular topical

Do more of what is work and not what is not.

youtube channel seo audit
A Comprehensive Checklist For YouTube Channel Audit

Audience retention

In a YouTube channel audit checklist this is of paramount importance. Audience retention means the percentage of people who watch the entire video. For example, if a 10-minute video ends up losing viewers at the 2-minute mark then there is a problem. You need to figure out what are the reasons behind it and address the problem. The moment you solve the issue users will be engaged.

YouTube essentials

By now you do have an understanding of the metrics associated with YouTube channel SEO audit the real work starts. To make the brand channel work you need to have an idea of where it stands and what is working. As part of the YouTube channel audit you need to include the following

Understand the channel aesthetics

The first impressions count and look at the channels banner, logo and visual appeal. Do you think it screams about your brand or is it a mere whisper? Make it a point everything aligns with your brand’s value and vibe. Double-check the about us section. It should mention to the users what the audit YouTube channel is all about. Consider it on the lines of the elevator pitch of your brand.

Figure out the video library

Watch out for the sections of the video across the library. Some may be old and a few new ones would be having excellent views along with a few ones with low views. This is going to give you an idea about the content quality and how it has evolved over a period of time.

  • Do you think the videos align with the message of the brand
  •  Are they serving the needs of the users and catering to their interests?

Thumbnails, descriptions and titles

Here we get into the details as we need to observe the thumbnails, titles and descriptions.

  • Do they turn out to be eye-catching
  • Do they clearly go on to communicate what the video is all about?

The combination of the thumbnail and the video is like a poster for you. It needs to be compelling. The description plays an important role in YouTube channel SEO audit.

Compare competitors

Have a look at the competitors and understand what they are up to.

  • What are the reasons why they are doing well
  • What are the reasons for them not doing well.

You need to find out ways where you can differentiate your content and make the brand stand out.

Reviewing SEO

If you are serious about a YouTube channel SEO audit, be aware that it is optional and not mandatory. You need to optimize your video, titles or tags with relevant keywords. Do not forget about the thumbnails as it is the first thing that the users are likely to come across. Make it catchy as playlists are also an excellent way where users will be glued to your channel.

YouTube Upload checklist

By now you have done the YouTube channel audit things are in order. Even the existing videos would have gone on to obtain some degree of traction. Now the question is how do we avoid doing all this once again in 6 months?

The answer to all these questions is available in the form of a YouTube channel audit checklist.  Here  is a run-down of the essentials


  • Content quality along with value- make sure that the video provides meaningful content to the audience. Whether it is education or entertainment it has to provide complete value.
  • Video quality- the quality of the video has to be HD and it will provide a professional appearance.
  • Editing – You need to check the video for any editing errors, with clear audio and appropriate spacing.


  • Title- the title has to be catchy and crafty that highlight your main keyword
  • Tags- you need to use relevant keywords that include the main keywords and the related themes.
  • Pinned comments- Post and pin a comment to the top of the comment section of your video. Instead of waiting for the viewers to initiate the dialogue, start it yourself. You will be able to get engagement quicker if you follow this method
  • Description- the first couple of lines are crucial and ensure that the keyword is included early you need to expand on the content and incorporate video links

Post upload

  • Engagement- Engage with your audience by responding to their comments
  • Promotion- You need to upload the videos on various social media platforms to increase visibility

The metrics that are of relevance

To be successful on YouTube and mastering the art is a challenge. An audit channel YouTube would be of considerable help in this regard. But the moment you break down and figure out the metrics that define your channel’s success things may not seem to be as difficult as they may seem.

Formulation of a successful YouTube channel does not mean posting quality content. It is about knowing your audience, outlining your goals and consistently delivering and optimizing the content. from conducting a YouTube channel audit to digging deep into the video library be aware that it is not a one off task.

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