The race to create quality content is becoming more difficult for marketers. It does pose a considerable challenge to obtain a higher ranking in Google. Even things tend to become harder when your business lacks authority on search engines.

pros and cons of ai generated content
pros and cons of ai generated content

What is AI-generated content?

Ai-generated blog posts are digital content that machine learning tools that use human prompts. The use of AI tools indicates that content can be created in various forms. How to use AI to generate content is all about automating creative tasks and speeding up workflows. But before we go ahead there are pros and cons of generative AI that we need to understand.

The manner of AI-generated content SEO creation

AI content creators analyze existing pages, process the meaning, and identify patterns. They typically train with large text, visual, or audio texts. These algorithms learn to predict which word, sound, or pixel should come one after another. Ai-generated content SEO indicates that you may interact with these tools using prompts.

The positives of AI-generated blog posts

Quick turnaround

Artificial Intelligence (AI) yields rapid outcomes for content development instantly, regardless of the complexity of the issue. AI content writing assistant from Chrome browser even the most productive ones may take hours to formulate quality posts or marketing materials. On the other hand, an average AI tool will hardly take a minute to formulate a developed product.

This is dependent upon the software that you choose to pay for as there is no cap on the amount of content that you may create in a day.


AI-generated content SEO can create content at a fraction of the cost in comparison to a freelancer. You end up saving hundreds of dollars when you pay a freelancer writer.

The work done by an individual is well worth the investment for those who are looking for well-researched content. It is bound to provide a new perspective when it comes to what is Ai generated content.  For a small business or a start-up. AI-generated content is a great place to start content for a relatively small fee.

Better SEO

AI-generated content SEO is one of the related capabilities and the selling point of the software They are known to pull out stuff from SEO optimized content in catering to your desired topic. This is a major add-on if you are not aware of how to structure your page and incorporate specific keywords.

AI may turn out to be a step in the right direction of keeping the blog going and becoming familiar with SEO. Once you plug in queries to your search engine tools you may come across examples of optimized keywords and formatting that enable you to gain visibility.

No writer’s block

There is a lot of pressure to come up with new ideas and it becomes difficult if you have a deadline in front. How to use AI to generate content there is no need to worry about any burnout as multiple ideas are generated for content creation.

Even if you are solely using content ideas and not writing the entire article already half the battle is won.  What Google do with AI-generated content is that the starting phase is the most difficult and when you are using AI you tend to overcome that phase. The rest of the things tend to become manageable on their own.

The cons of AI-generated blog posts

By now you have a concise idea of what is AI-generated content, let us figure out some of the cons associated with it.

Plagiarism issues

Ai pulls content from various sources but you are not aware of the source of citations. There is a degree of legal risk that can sue them for blatant plagiarism of their original work if there is a close relation.

Undertake the process of reverse image check and outline the AI-generated blog posts. The reason is that you may trust all the information that may emerge from an unauthorized source.

Google may devalue Ai generated content SEO

Google has thrown its weight behind the EEAT concept in creating helpful content. The search engine will assess information using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, keeping comprehension and trust at the core of the process.

There is no need to forego AI in your content process altogether. Rather it is better if you use it wisely in developing your creativity.

Inconsistent quality

How to write undetectable AI content showcases different quality each time. The amount of information available on topics will evolve on how much relevant content about each topic exists. This indicates that you have a consistent input of informative content across the various subject matter that you are interested in.

The more specific you tend to get with AI content queries the less likely you will face the problem.

Requirement of human vetting

Uploading AI content without proofreading or editing beforehand isn’t in your best interest. Humans can identify cluttered or offensive content that AI tech may not be able to detect due to a lack of awareness.

If you are keen to be using and opting for what is Ai generated content then use it as a base rather than a finished product. With the results obtained, you may revive them into creating something original that Google is searching for.

The process of detecting AI-generated content

Text detection AI techniques are known to perform well. An AI detector tool, it analyses content and displays the confidence level that AI is responsible for content creation. A few of them provide an overall score whereas a few tend to rate each sentence. Whereas others are relatively simple to use

To sum up things by now you have a fair understanding of the pros and cons of generative AI. Even the best in the business may require some form of helping hand out there. Ai-generated content will be able to close this gap but it does have its limitations. The message is loud and clear you should not solely rely on AI for content. Rather it should help your business grow in such a manner where your creative aspect is taken into consideration.

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