All of us are aware of SEO, but hardly a few of us have insights about SEM. You need to be aware of the basic SEM services Dubai before you take the plunge.

The definition of SEM

Search engine marketing Dubai or SEM produces traffic via search results from search engine results pages (SERPs). It is known to bid on keywords related to your products or brands SEO services Dubai resort to pay-per-click ads to search for new customers searching for relevant items.

Search engine marketing Dubai is a viable strategy since you are grabbing the attention of users who are actually on the lookout for purchasing similar products.

The difference between SEO and SEM

Think along the lines of SEO as an earned traffic, that is organically undertaken via keyword placement, site architecture and content strategy. SEM on the other hand is purchased traffic where you are paying Google for visibility. SEM agency Dubai  suggest that it is better if you pair it along with SEO. While the latter draws in customers from lower down the funnel, the former is an excellent method of connecting with top-of-funnel shoppers.

Hence the golden rule to follow for an SEM agency Dubai would be to include SEO as part of their marketing plan

The procedure of building an SEM strategy- A checklist

Choice of the right keywords

An awesome ad can be created but if the right set of keywords are not chosen the best results will not be obtained.


It is better to develop a list of long tail keywords that means phrases with 3+ keywords. Ensure that you have a mix of both of them since it will enable you to attract buyers with different purchase intents. Then you may use a tool like Google Trends to find relevant keywords and terms with high search volume.

Conduct competitor search

Determine what your competitors are ranking for, so that you can outline better opportunities of ranking them.

Trim down the list

Search engine marketing Dubai advocates the matching of keywords and content to various points in the buyer’s journey. An ideal practice is to use a keyword research tool like SEM rush that will enable you to check out the search volume of your keywords. The reason is that the ideal number of keywords is expected to have a definite search volume. It can be too low and if you have a competitive audience too high it is going to be competitive.

Organize keywords based on ad groups

You are looking to develop precise ads where you organize your keywords. It enables you to group down your keywords where you will be able to craft better more relevant keywords, headlines and CTAs.

Design your ads

SEM services Dubai do not come cheap more so when it is a competitive industry. Hence it is worth your time to craft and test various creative opportunities that grab attention where the shoppers are compelled to click.

Choice of your budget wisely

Nobody likes to overspend but under spending could cause less visibility for the ads. It is recommended to use the action sights in Google ads to optimize your budget.

Review and optimize your site

This is unfortunate but if this happens. The ad manages to drive a click but the shopper does not take any action on the site. Ensure that the journey from PPC to your site is a seamless one. What you need to do is that the website loads rapidly has worthy content and covers the product that the ad promised

Confirm your analytics and tracking are working properly

SEM services  Dubai are of the view that you should not forget to use UTM links when possible. Ad roll has a free UTM link builder that will help you out.

Regularly test and optimize

Similar to any form of marketing effort, you are not going to be aware of what will work till the data rolls out. Search Engine Marketing Dubai suggests once you determine the creative and the type of keywords that are performing the best, you may adjust and optimize your SEM strategy.

To conclude with an ideal Search Engine Marketing Dubai strategy you are bound to rise to the top in the shortest possible time.

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