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The knowledge panel or knowledge graph interchangeably used in common parlance, are information boxes which contain distinct information and it is widely sourced from Google’s most trusted and authoritative websites. Though, of course, Wikipedia paves a much easier path into knowledge panel specifics, there is no testament to the fact that one cannot have a knowledge panel without Wikipedia. You can create a google panel for your brand, business, profile, online store etc and it can show up on browsing, in the knowledge panel without Wikipedia articles necessitating its validity or credibility. Google knowledge panel and Wikipedia have a special relationship in providing information boxes that provide graded information just as readily available as it is, in Wikipedia.

The google knowledge panel and Wikipedia share a strong relationship in asserting genuine and undisputed information about anything. Through google analytics, one can conclude that Google’s knowledge graph or panel takes most of its data from Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, and Freebase- which are considered to be trusted and authoritative websites. This line was extricated from a blog written by Amit Singhal of Google, around 2012

knowledge panel without wikipedia
knowledge Panel Without Wikipedia

However, in the more detailed paragraph, the former senior vice president of Google, had also said that this information is augmented by referring to a much larger and trusted scope of information available on the web. Since the information has to be of a ‘comprehensive breadth and depth’, it focuses on many other websites which have strong backlinks and web credibility. 

Albeit the mass cognitive acceptance of Wikipedia information as factual, information boxes mainly source their google knowledge panel content, from what users search for most or have recently.

Why is having a Wikipedia page not always a boon?

An article by Wikipedia itself discredits a popular belief that having a Wikipedia page to your name, or your business’s name is not as glossy as it looks. Due to Wikipedia’s neutral point of view, many times well-reputed individuals and businesses have their single or less-known setbacks, scandals, prosecutions or infamies broadcasted to the world, as Wikipedia does not believe in whitewashing a person’s image, brand or business. So, the Google knowledge panel and Wikipedia relationship can be beneficial as much as it could cause the brand to take a plunge.

Google knowledge panel and Wikipedia:

You can get a google knowledge panel by fixing and indexing information, filtered according to what most people search for, or the intent of most search results, about the company, business, portfolio, website, store etc, in trustworthy websites on the internet which can be used as a reference to create a Google knowledge panel.

google knowledge panel and wikipedia
knowledge Panel Without Wikipedia
Can you create a Google Knowledge Panel without a Wikipedia page?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to effectively create a knowledge panel without Wikipedia, if the google knowledge panel is not showing up in searches related to your content:

1.    You should aim at producing content that has the quality of a user’s intent- Gauging user behavior well enough to post user-focused material is a hard thing to figure out, but it surely develops over time. It involves trying to research the interests of a user and modify your content accordingly, to fit the user’s inclinations like a glove or make the content more appealing to them, by relevant and riveting search results. The more satisfactory content you can yield, the faster organic foot traffic marches into your website. With increasing traffic, a website’s authoritative quality and credibility thus are greatly enhanced.

2.    You should focus on user reviews and always leave a space or room for users to put down their thoughts about your website, service, product or business. Reviews always bolster experience integrity as well as reliability. Reviews act like the metric system for how trustworthy and useful your brand or business has been to past users, based on which newer visitors will be influenced to try it out. Google keeps tabs on user reviews to learn about the general temperament of the brand, among people.

3.    Enhance the credibility or Authority of your site: The most efficacious way to have a knowledge panel without Wikipedia is by writing as guest authors etc on high authority websites. One must pitch as a guest author or writer, and as soon as they get selected, they must take it up and provide the content extensively and link back to the website for which they seek a knowledge panel. As users on the former authoritative site, read the content modified to their interest, they will follow back the links, thus greatly increasing the traffic to the website.

Implementing these techniques, assist in building a knowledge panel for your company without Wikipedia. Google knowledge panel not showing is a problem that can be tackled using the efficient tactics that help produce user-centric content and develop excellent backlinks for it. For more such techniques, connect with GTECH.

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