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ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool formulated by open AI. A free version of the tool is provided that users can access, but there are indications that for the pro version, the charges will be $ 42 for a month. Open AI has also specified that they will be making an API available for the tool soon.

The interface is simple, with an empty dialogue box to enter a prompt. The tool is able to perform various tasks, and in response, return text emerges. Some of the examples of ChatGPT include

  • Answering questions
  • Writing, commenting, or marking up a code
ChatGPT: What's in it for SEO?
ChatGPT: What’s in it for SEO?

Right now, the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in SEO and marketing is being tapped. ChatGPT is capable of participating in discussions and answering questions just like a human being. It can write stories, poems, fictional stories that is a worrisome sign for the professional writers.

Embracing AI technology rather than worrying about it may turn out to be a smart move. There are numerous ways by which you can use it and streamline your work and make the redundant tasks efficient and effective. SEOs professionals are already using it to create content. ChatGPT will accomplish this task easily.

ChatGPT for keyword research

ChatGPT does not have access to search volume or other metrics like Google’s keyword planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs do. ChatGPT can be useful for keyword research functions.

Topic ideation and keyword brainstorming

A flipside to traditional keyword research tools is that your competitors, who tend to be more authoritative than yours, tend to use the same tools and target the same keywords. Since you are building a list of topics along with keyword targets, the right ChatGPT enables you to target largely untapped keyword pockets. An example is if I were to start a website about pickleball and was looking for some broad ideas, then I could look at some creative insights from ChatGPT to get started. Though it is not a list of keywords, it may function as a generic site structure and provide keyword clusters.

ChatGPT: What's in it for SEO?
ChatGPT: What’s in it for SEO?
Page-level keyword research

The tools will develop content briefs along with grades for your content based on what is ranking well in the search engines. Most of us use multiple tools in our day-to-day work, though it may turn out to be expensive. ChatGPT can be used to compare an article to whatever is ranking for specific terms. Once again, it is not a native SEO tool, so the data will differ from the tools that are being used.

ChatGPT does not crawl, so you may have to copy and paste the article and the article ranking first on the chart and analyze them. This may turn out to be a pain as the character limit is 2000 words.

ChatGPT keyword research strategies

SEOs are likely to find useful keyword research applications with ChatGPT. You may ask these questions to determine how to use the platform best.

  • How is it possible to leverage the ChatGPT API?
  • Are there any APIs or speculations you want to use but cannot dedicate the time and energy to? What about adopting a strategy of mashing up multiple APIs?
  • What are going to be your tedious or time-intensive keyword research tasks? Can ChatGPT be of help in these cases?

You need to think of ChatGPT as a virtual assistant. As an individual, you are responsible for any form of data implementation or code generationer any form of data implementation or code generation. Outline the tasks that you need to complete, the things they are capable of, and try it out in some way or another.

ChatGPT for link building

In the domain of SEO, the use of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT is popular for valid reasons. ChatGPT is used for link building and is a valuable addition to the link building toolkit. The importance of ChatGPT for link building is to

  • Have a deeper understanding of specific tools and tactics.
  • Focus on the direction of efforts.
  • Building efficiency in planning, research, and on-site content for earned links

ChatGPT functions like a young specialist who studies extensively. Even if they don’t have the background or context to fully grasp the implications of a technique, you can still identify amazing ideas by giving them the correct prompts.

An ideal situation would be for the entire link-building process to be automated in a way that complies with Google’s criteria on link spam and has a 3 to 1 immediate impact. But a realistic application is that it can save resources and time at relevant stages of a process. Rapid brainstorming will lead to emerging new link-building ideas.

For developing this tool, you need to develop your own prompts. A quality prompt structure helps you uncover insights that otherwise would have taken a longer time frame.

ChatGPT: What's in it for SEO?
ChatGPT: What’s in it for SEO?
Techniques of link building

It can be segregated into natural or organic, paid, and earned links. The list of backlink strategies provided by Backlinko helps you gain direction. For outreach, it is better to customize your own email templates. A general overview of the common approaches is

  • Paid links: Guest posting is popular. This includes both organic and paid content creation for trade sites or third-party blogs. There are a wide range of quality standards, metrics, and conceptual considerations when selecting which site to spend time referring to assignment
  • Link earning— The value proposition or USP of content creation is distinctive. Then you need to share it with a community to find out whether they like it or not. Basically, going viral resembles a lot like product marketing but with content.
  • Niche tactics: a variation in terms of tactics like unique data-driven articles, infographic distribution, calculators and widgets, and so much more.

You shouldn’t expect ChatGPT to judge the value of the website on your behalf. It speaks of the process of interpreting Google’s site quality recommendations. Not every algorithm is useful, but for those who want to do link building and comply with Google guidelines, it is useful.

ChatGPT and SEO content

ChatGPT, to put it simply, is a chatbot that uses natural language processing to answer questions. Google has spoken about automatically generated content on the SEO front, though their stance has evolved. Earlier, Google’s stance was that automatically generated content was bad. But their clarification was that the content was manipulated for search rankings.

The benefits of ChatGPT for content creation

The major benefit of using ChatGPT is the speed at which you can obtain results. If you run a small business or are a budding entrepreneur who wants content to be produced quickly, ChatGPT is a worthy option. They are able to create output for every content-related command that you can think of. It is going to revolutionize the manner in which companies approach content marketing. The marketers may use AI-generated content as a starting point for most campaigns, cutting down on the time and costs of procuring new material.

How is ChatGPT going to impact content creators?

The value of a quality content creator who is aware of how to use AI effectively is likely to be more in demand. An assumption is that the quality of a search result will be higher in a world where AI-generated content is the norm.

What will happen is that content producers will employ AI tools to better efficiently do their SEO work. It would lead to the generation of better ideas and the creation of rough drafts, improving their writing. The content creators will slip into an editorial role, and the role will not be there for everyone. But the question remains: is it going to save time in the long run?

You need to use AI tools like ChatGPT effectively. The pre-work that is undertaken on the part of the content creator will make the work better. This is expected to take some time. Hence, if you choose to use an article by ChatGPT, there is a tough time ahead. You will have to edit the article, and there is a need to become familiar with the topic by conducting research. The burden of quality assurance in the work of others is accepted. Now, what would have taken 3 hours to research, write, and edit takes the same amount of time to configure the AI tool requests. The process may turn out to be efficient if there are editors who are subject-matter experts.

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