Do you intend to step into the online world of buying and selling in the UAE? An important change is taking place as various payment gateways in UAE for e-commerce have emerged. They are secret agents who ensure everything runs smoothly in the online domain. Payment gateways in UAE enable you to purchase things without any form of glitch. They are not helpers, as they are keen to ensure online shoppers work and grow.

payment gateways in UAE

The best online gateways UAE

Below is the list of payment gateways in UAE for e-commerce

X Pay

X Pay is a DSS-compliant payment solution and it is rated to be among the best online payment gateways UAE. It is also user-friendly and there are plenty of payment options. The rates of abandonment are reduced and enhance your sales.

It works smoothly with various e-commerce web development platforms and various merchants. You can get started quickly in a matter of hours and it is designed for smooth and secure payments.


The payment gateways in UAE have made their way to Europe too. For payment options, this happens to be a top choice. It is known for being safe and there are various mechanisms to stop fraud and protect money.  This is one of the main reasons why payment gateways in UAE for e-commerce are popular.

There is a fee to deposit and start on the platform. Every year you pay a fee on the amount you end up selling. To obtain control over payment you may use special tech tools. It is an ideal choice for businesses and shoppers.


It is one of the big payment gateways in UAE and started as innovative payments. Anyone may open an account with them and just you need to visit their website. The best news is that there are no hidden fees. They are known to work with a lot of online stores and it makes it easier for many shoppers to use them.

The customers have the option of choosing various payment gateways. Be it UPI in UAE or another form there are various choices available to them. If you are looking for complete control you may incorporate Telr to your website.


Among the online payment service providers, it is a renowned name. This UK-based system is all about making online payments safe and easy for anyone. Checkout is ideal as it can change to different people and needs. Making money online is easy and there are a few handy tips that are provided.

You may check out the various deals and find the best one for your shop. Right from the start you may incorporate a payment method to your site. There is a widget that directs you to the payment page


Since it works all around the world it is one of the best online payment service providers. What this means is that people from 196 countries can use them. The platform allows you to pay in 15 languages and 87 currencies. There are eight ways of making a payment and it is known to work wonders with small businesses.

The best part about this payment gateways in UAE to start and no monthly fees. It is known to fit all e-commerce platforms and this makes it easy for lots of shops. You may add a payment form to your site easily.


This payment gateways in UAE for e-commerce is one of the best. It is used for all businesses both small and big in the UAE. An outstanding feature of this payment gateway is the flexible price and it fits businesses of any size. Starting is easy and it costs about 200 AED to keep it going. Even though the cost may be high it offers round-the-clock support and payments are kept safe from fraud.

Since it is one of the best online payment gateways that fits with all the e-commerce platforms. You may put a payment gateway on your site and start checking them. Allow people to pay directly from your site.


CyberSource is a component of VPA a popular payment gateway in UAE. It works in over 190 countries and it has been helping with online payments. Since it is a part of VSA it is termed as safe. The platform is known to allow people to pay from various sources.

You can add CyberSource to your app or website. It is known to work with Apple, Google and more. This makes online payment safe and easy. It turns out to be a good choice for shops and customers.

Amazon Payment Services

Amazon payment services rank among the best UPI in UAE and new business owners have been drawn to it. The reason is that it fits well with the shopping trends and habits of people in the Arab countries. It is known to be a trustworthy platform and risks are avoided when you make any transactions.


Ranked among the best online payment gateways in UAE it is known for its cool features and prevents fraud. At the same time, it is a reliable and modern platform. Even adding Paytabs to your website is easy as you can set it up in a single day.

A notable feature of this platform is you can make and send invoices with the latest tech. it is also known to work with various platforms. No wonder to the fact that it turns out to be a great choice for your online business.


PayPal is famous in terms of popularity and is widely accepted. For professional and business matters it is one of the best online payment gateways UAE. The service allows you to send and receive money online. This makes buying and selling an easy task. A feature of PayPal is that it is flexible as you can link it up with your bank account or credit card. For anyone who considers a flexible way of making or receiving payment, this turns out to be an apt choice.

To conclude above are popular payment gateways in UAE. If you intend to incorporate a few more then professional helps is available.

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