If you want to get in front of your audience’s eyes, you are going to require the services of rockstar PPC specialists. According to experts, PPC campaigns can be overwhelmingly expensive if you do not have the right type of help.

Some of the digital agencies are not willing to avail themselves of the services of marketers. Sadly, many teams do not provide meaningful training on this. The worst part is that some colleagues may misrepresent or hide essential information. When there is a lot of information available online, it can be a complicated mess. To deal with this issue, there are a few inherent tips on how to become a PPC expert.

Master client relationship

The general realization is that it may sound like a niche for a top skill. Once you work for a considerable period of time in PPC, it is the main reason people climb up the ladder. You are in charge of boosting your client’s growth, and this is a first-rate company.

The expectations are immense in terms of PPC skills, as the performance does not follow a straight line. You need to stuff things according to people who may be critical or conceive those same people not to touch anything that they consider red flags.

All these factors can turn out to be stressful when it comes to managing relationships. To cope with these tough times and keep the clients happy as a PPC expert, you need to display strong technical and analytical skills and composure. The key is to remain patient.

PPC skills
Essential PPC skills that every agency pro should master

Now the question is, How do you master client relationships? In a few lines, it is a difficult topic to master, though there are a few pointers that help you get started.

Build trust

Trust develops over a period of time. When your client needs you for real, make sure that you are the first person on whom they can rely. An example is a last-minute project that is important for a client but not for you. The lack of PPC specialists in an agency may not support the client. But this would be because trust comes with long-term, impactful achievements.

Show expertise

It is hard to believe that some agencies lack the basic PPC specialist skills. They would come up with vague answers, and I would respond later to questions thrown at them. Do not be that person, as it is better if you send meeting agendas well in advance. Provide meeting notes, actions, and deadlines. In short, be reliable.

Be empathetic

Do not expect everybody to behave in the same way. Not every meeting will be full of flowers and sunshine. You may not be on great terms with your client, and that is okay. It is better that you give them a break, as not everybody would like you either way. Ensure that you are the first person in the room who takes the project forward. This may be when times are tough and people are rigid.

Think strategically 

Strategy is one of the buzzwords, along with innovation, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain. However, it remains fundamental when it comes to PPC specialist skills.

What do you consider to be a strategic move? It is all dependent on the niche to which you belong.

  • A strategy is a combination of items that allows long-term, sustained growth. At a significant level, it can be at least 30% of your top KPI.

PPC skills will rarely work on an operational strategy.


For e-commerce clients, it will be a pairing of revenue and return on ad spend. With lead generation, clients marketing qualified leads will be paired with a cost per MQL. The question is, will you be able to challenge those? An example is that you can include a margin to improve RQL or ROAS.


It is going to be unlimited as long as you tap on the specific ROAS target. It could be a specific dollar amount per month or year, and will you be able to challenge that? The question is whether a proper budget is allocated to the right product line that helps to maximise your goal. Do you take seasonality into consideration?


You are looking to reach a target audience. In order to do that, you need to tap the right channels and networks. Sometimes those items are not able to maximise the goals. Once you come across such pointers for growth, you may think strategically.

Messaging, landing page, and CTA

This may turn out to be an obvious one. In order to talk to prospects, there is no single way to have them act to reach your goal. Use your critical thinking and ad libraries to develop other ways of addressing the target audience.

Navigate the data with precision

Data is not a buzzword, and the perception of the masses may not follow that pattern. There is a need to break down the data skill set and provide PPC skill specialists with a definite path. A lot of data-centric roles exist, but as a PPC specialist, you need to think about data in three different ways.

  • Data analysis: Key performance indicator is an important things to consider. Are you aware of the fact that CTR impacts CPC?
  • Data visualisation: This is a bit advanced, but from the data that you gathered, can you convey a story?
  • Data generation: Are you aware of what a conversion is, how it is triggered, and whether the parameters are okay or not?

Though it may sound a little out of touch, there are some handy tools that enable you to get started.

Google Analytics

In PPC, reports are to be built to understand conversion attribution, traffic resources, product-level performance, and per-funnel stage. So, it is better if you learn about GA4 along with other related analytical tools.

Google tag manager

At least you would want to understand what triggers your conversions. This would entail using GTM preview mode and live testing the client’s website. Make it a point to understand how this works.

Looker Studio, along with other visualization tools

Do not make the mistake of throwing a lot of KPIs at your clients, as they are not going to understand a single thing since they hate Excel. There is a need to spend time formulating a compelling story that is impactful and easy to understand. Once again, you can resort to powerful visualisation graphs and tables within tools like Looker Studio.

Committed in early every day

This is one of the PPC skills where experts suffer. They are unable to fix it later down the road, and it leads to poor operative and managerial performance. You need to take your stint, and there is no need to rush.

Get Certified

Google ad certifications are not that useful. However, they have a major benefit as they provide an initial point for vocabulary, PPC and a lot more. Similarly, Meta provides certifications and training, so ensure that you use them.

Read news

There are various websites that are great for staying updated and learning new stuff. Ensure that you follow other content creators.

Test on your own

Meta ads and Google ads offer ad credits for new advertisers. Ever since Shopify started out, it has never been easy to set up a shop. Do not be afraid of running your side project. It is a safe place to experiment and learn.


Each project is different, and you can never master them on your own. When you interact with other PPC experts, you take shortcuts to PPC mastery.

Get organized

PPC is not a detailed topic, so there is a need to be aware that you have to keep up with everything. Even small recursions could have an impact on performance. So as a PPC specialist, you need to be comfortable with

Project management

Are you aware of the tools Notion, Asana, and so on? You need to organise your tasks and projects using deadlines, priorities, and dependencies. This will provide you with a clear view of your schedule and track.

Documentation tools

Like project management tools, you would want to remember what happened on specific dates for future reference.

Templatize your work

If you run into the same tasks over and over again, it is better to template your work. This way, there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time. When the task comes up repeatedly, you need to delegate it properly.

To conclude, PPC is all about choosing the right keyword match type for writing ad copy. These are the fundamental skills that are necessary for a PPC expert. The moment you go on to layer the skills above the nitty gritty, you will be able to move up the agency ladder.

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