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Running Google Ads for B2B can take businesses to a new level and provide excellent returns on their online marketing budget. It allows companies to drive organic traffic to their website and generate leads while listing their business on Google plus local.

Like many other paid online ads, Google Ads for B2B can be tricky for those who’ve never experienced one. Fortunately, with a little research and the help of digital ad experts, you can set up the perfect B2B Google Ads strategy. 

Here, we’ve listed five common challenges and possible solutions to help you increase sales and continue generating leads:

  • No attention to the schedule
  • Managing ad groups
  • Only focusing on conversions
  • Overlooking Enhanced conversion
  • Lack of flair in ads
Google Ads for B2B: Challenges & Possible Solutions
No Attention to the Schedule

Businesses won’t look up your website blindly or at random hours. Google Analytics is the place to look if you’re supporting a company that has never used Google Ads for B2B. Using Google Analytics, you can see when leads are engaged with the company and whether they are passively studying it or actively completing forms.

If your landing page prompts users to contact live customer service, but your team is unavailable at 6 AM, you can’t advertise that page during that period. 


When developing an ad schedule, you need a mixture of strategy and common sense. One of the best B2B Google Ads examples is the food industry, which shows the importance of ad scheduling. 

For instance, if your client is a coffee shop with peak hours in the morning, that’s when they need a maximum response. But, if it’s a high-end restaurant, you need to focus more on dinner times and weekends.

Google Ads for B2B: Challenges & Possible Solutions
Managing Ad Groups

One of the most typical challenges in Google Ads B2B targeting is determining the optimal landing page for a given keyword. To do that, many businesses try to match current landing pages with a set of keywords that appear to be similar!

The result is that they end up with ad groups that include only a demo, a trial, and an article. That isn’t great.


They need to organize keywords based on search intent and the client’s journey.

Google favors ads with the highest level of interaction. So it makes sense that you’ll get fewer clicks on an ad that says “call us for a trial” and more clicks on an ad that reads “check out our latest post.”

Today, if you face three keywords, each with a different intent, you need three different landing pages. Since there’s no common theme, you also need an ad group for each.

Only Focusing on Conversions

Before making a choice, most B2B buyers go through many contact points. Therefore, it’s not enough to know the number of monthly clicks and leads. You must understand who is engaging with specific contact points especially if own B2B SaaS products. Read more about B2B SaaS marketing best practices, and Effective Strategies.


One of the upsides to using Google Ads for B2B is that it integrates directly with all major marketing automation solutions. Each platform’s integration process is unique, but you can generally find the connection through the platform’s settings. Once you find these places, you need to select “create a new connection with Google Ads” and then log in to a Google Ads account to link the platforms.

This simple process lets you find out which ads, keywords, etc., generate high-quality leads. You can also define target audiences and exclude certain groups.

Overlooking Enhanced Conversion

Businesses face many barriers when trying to set up strategies to boost their conversion rates, and one of them is undoubtedly overlooking the power of enhanced conversions. 


Enhanced conversion can be an excellent tool for your B2B Google Ads strategy. The process begins with Google gathering essential data on a user who fills out a form on your website. Once the user makes a purchase, you should upload the data to your Google Ads account to learn which ad they clicked on before making the purchase.

However, a drawback to this method is that you need to set up conversions through conversion tracking, which is impossible if you use Google Analytics leads for your B2B Google Ads.

Lack of Flair in Ads 

If you work in B2C marketing, you are probably familiar with ad personalization. The number of B2B marketers using them, however, is relatively small. This is a pity because they are pretty helpful and straightforward to put up.


With ad customizations, you can improve your Google Ads B2B targeting by changing the ad wording depending on the user’s location, the item they are looking for, and various other factors. 

Start by uploading a data file including all of your customizers; if you’re unsure how to do it, Google Ads offers a downloadable design on the UI platform that you can use. Create your ad, and then let Google do its thing.

For instance, if your company has a foothold in a city or state, you should indicate that in the ad customizer. If you do not have a presence in a particular location, just use your default message. There’s another way to add flair, and that’s by offering discounts! When you combine discounts with ad customizers, you can easily scale ad campaigns without creating multiple ad groups.

Bottom Line

Few things like industry-based, effective B2B Google Ads can propel a business forward. To properly identify your B2B audiences, Google Ads can help you focus carefully on contact points and lead clients on a journey with different decision-makers. 

Hopefully, the above tips can help you avoid costly mistakes and find top-rated leads interested in your products and services. But, it can be intimidating to run B2B Google Ads while managing budgets, keywords, ad copy, and all the other elements involved in the entire effort.

It’s understandable because your budget, time, and staff should be focused on the core pillars of your business, not running ad campaigns. So many companies choose to hire an experienced digital marketing team to handle Google Ads. 

At GTECH, we’re by your side with the expertise and infrastructure to set up the perfect strategy for you. Just contact us, and let’s get going! 

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