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Migrating from one system to its upgraded version can be complex and challenging, especially when it comes to large-scale IT projects. This is particularly true for organizations that need to migrate their data and applications to cloud-based environments. The same goes for Google Analytics’ new successor too. There are various Google Analytics 4 problems associated with migrating, such as the complexity of the process, data security concerns, compatibility issues, and downtime during the migration. When it comes to GA4 problems, things are not that great, especially for digital marketers.

If you didn’t know, from July 1 2023 onwards, Universal Analytics will no longer collect data and will be put down in favour of its successor, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which will be the only option for collecting data with Google Analytics. If you are going to continue using UA to manage your businesses, then it’s time to start getting comfortable with the new GA4 platform. 

Even though this new GA4 is pretty much enhanced and loaded with features, it can still pose a challenge if not installed or configured correctly. So, if you are that guy or firm that has made the switch to GA4 unsuccessfully or planning to migrate, it’s worth knowing some of the Google Analytics 4 problems and how Google is addressing those. Let’s get started.

Google Analytics 4: The Challenges of Migration

Migrating to GA4 comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some of the most common Google Analytics 4 problems:


One of the first GA4 problems is that it is not backwards-compatible with Universal Analytics. This means that businesses that have been using Universal Analytics will have to start over and set up a new tracking code with GA4. This is time-consuming as it requires a lot of resources.

Data Integration
google analytics 4 problems
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Problems Associated with Migration and How Google Addresses Them

Another challenge with GA4 migration is that businesses need to integrate their data with the new platform. This requires migrating all of the data from the old platform to the new one. This is pretty much one of the most challenging Google Analytics 4 problems, especially for businesses handling large amounts of data.

Learning Curve

One of the challenges of migrating to GA4 is the learning curve. It has a redesigned user interface and features compared to Universal Analytics. Due to these GA4 problems, businesses will have to learn how to use the new platform. This can take a lot of time and might require the need to hire experts to help them navigate the new platform.

google analytics 4 problems
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Problems Associated with Migration and How Google Addresses Them

As GA4 is a new platform, it lacks some of the features that businesses are used to having in Universal Analytics. This is one of the GA4 problems that businesses have to overcome as they have been accustomed to such features. Until those features are available, many businesses might not be able to transition to GA4.

How Google is Addressing the Challenges

Google is aware of the GA4 problems that come with migrating and have been actively addressing these challenges by implementing effective steps. Here are some of the ways how the company is addressing them:

Universal Analytics & GA4 Integration

Google has made it possible for businesses to integrate their Universal Analytics data with GA4. This means that businesses can continue to use their existing tracking code and migrate their data to GA4 without having to start from scratch thereby avoiding such Google Analytics 4 problems in the early stages itself.

Data Import
GA4 problems
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Problems Associated with Migration and How Google Addresses Them

Google has also made it possible for businesses to import their data from other platforms, such as Google Ads and BigQuery, to GA4. This makes it easier for businesses to avoid such GA4 problems and migrate their data and start using GA4 with ease.

Education and Training

Google is providing businesses with resources to help them learn how to use GA4. This includes online courses, documentation, and support forums. Google is also working with partners to provide businesses with expert advice and support during the migration process.

New Features

Google is continuously adding new features to GA4 to make it more feature-rich and competitive with Universal Analytics. Some of these new features include cross-device tracking, machine learning insights, and enhanced data privacy features.

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