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When users search for a business or place near their location, local results are displayed in Google Maps. For example, when searching for “Indian restaurants,” Google shows local results even without “near me.” 

So unless you’re the only business in your area, there’s some competition when Google ranks your business. Especially if you’re new to an area, there are some Google Business tips and best practices you should follow for better local SEO.

Below are useful Google My Business SEO tips for setting up and updating your profile.

Google My Business SEO Tips – Do’s and Don’ts
What Is “Google My Business” & Why Do You Need It?

Google Business Profile, or “Google My Business,” is a user-friendly tool for businesses and organizations to manage and improve their online presence. 

It provides a systematic framework for Google to see and have your business information. This includes your address, hours of operation, phone number, and website address. It is where customers can leave reviews and feedback for your business. 

The Google My Business (GMB) page is the perfect starting point for expanding your digital presence. And when used properly, it can lead to valuable SEO benefits. A well-managed listing can help you keep up with the competition and connect you with people searching for your business’ products and services.

Your Profile & Google My Business SEO Tips

Before discussing Google Business SEO tips, let’s create your Google Business profile listing. And even in this first step, be accurate.

You need to claim or add your business profile if your business already exists in Google Maps. Verify ownership and make sure the information you entered is correct and matches other parts of your online presence.

Now let’s divide your GMB into categories and discuss each part individually.

  • Reviews, Questions, & Answers

Our Google My Business SEO tips start with reviews, questions, and answers because they’re vital components of any business listing strategy that can affect your position significantly. They also form the opinion of your potential customers about your company.

  • Encourage your best customers to leave reviews.
  • Always respond in a friendly and relevant way.
  • Develop promotions and display them with infographics
  • Analyze negative reviews. Find out how your products compare to the competition.

Your review section should show the integrity and usefulness of your business. Follow these tips and avoid shady or dishonest tactics:

  • Don’t use false reviews, as Google may penalize them.
  • Don’t delete negative reviews, and don’t argue with unhappy clients.
  • Don’t force customers to write good reviews.
  • Don’t be aggressive when responding to bad reviews.
  • Don’t add negative reviews to competitors. You may have smiled when you read this. But believe us, some people do – unfortunately.
  • Your GBP Profile Information

Name, address, phone, and website (NAPW) are important and must be consistent with other parts of your online presence.

  • Complete your entry thoroughly. Google evaluates your information from each part of a GBP listing to show the most accurate results. 
  • Be accurate and verify the information you entered for your business name, address, and phone number.
  • Have your business rated by reputable local guides. They can provide reviews that significantly influence how Google and potential customers view your business.
  • While it may be tempting to use a keyword or location of your business in your GBP listing, you shouldn’t use keywords in your business name. 
  • Don’t forget to include the exact mailing address for your office.
  • Create a listing only for an address where you have an office or where someone from your company is present during the specified business hours.
Google My Business SEO Tips – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Photos & Videos

Add photos and videos of your products and services to complete your business profile. Add videos because they are a great asset to your page. Videos are shared much higher more often than images and text combined. You can include different video elements (e.g., music) to evoke strong emotions that encourage viewers to comment, like, and share.

  • Incorporate some high-quality pictures of your team, office, or products.
  • Add product photos that are relevant and write accurate descriptions 
  • Add photos regularly, as this can have an impact on how your business is rated compared to others 
  • Thoroughly represent your business with photos of different times of day, completed projects, accomplishments, and your team in action.
  • If you offer a new product, include a photo or write about it.
  • Encourage your customers to share photos and reviews. Get them to write longer text reviews with pictures of the product or service they used.
  • When making your profile more appealing, don’t forget consistency and accuracy.
  • The images used for GMB are hosted on Google’s servers, so use high-quality images and don’t worry about the size. 
  • Don’t use royalty-free images just because they look good 
  • Don’t post images from your customers until you’ve their permission.
  • Don’t delay adding photos, or Google will show the map’s street view by default.
  • Google+

Google+ (Google Plus) is the Facebook version of Google. It is a social network that provides a feed of posts based on the user’s preferences. Users can follow specific people and companies they find interesting, as with other social platforms.

  • Keep the account active even if you don’t use it. Google likes Google+.
  • Link to your homepage when you create a Google post 
  • Keep your visitors updated – Google wants the most current information about your business.
  • Don’t waste time creating individual posts: Google+ is a graveyard that no one but Google uses 
  • Don’t overdo it with keywords; you don’t have to use the same words over and over again.
Bottom Line

Getting your business’s name to the top of Google Maps may seem daunting. However, it’s relatively easy to improve your listing. And if you keep it simple and stick to the basics, you’ll have better local SEO.

Get in touch with GTECH Dubai’s top SEO agency , and we’ll give you step-by-step Google My Business SEO tips to review and manage the information in your profile.

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