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GTECH has partnered with Citizen Science – a collective of 20 UAE scientists, researchers and engineers invited to come up with innovative solutions to ease medical pressures exerted by the COVID pandemic.

Led by the Technology Innovation Institute, a research centre in Abu Dhabi, experts will focus on improving access to personal protective equipment, ventilators and rapid testing kits.

GTECH was responsible for the development and deployment of the website in both English and Arabic languages. The website aims to provide information on active projects and serve as a platform for critical equipment donations and knowledge transfer.

Citizen Science has listed the critical equipment in demand to aid management of the pandemic across the country which includes 3D printers, laser cutters, valves, fans and ultraviolet light sensors.

The group has already successfully assembled its first ventilator prototype, which is now undergoing internal tests before being sent for external verification.

Engineers at the TII are using the latest technologies to produce artificial intelligence-powered chest X-ray machines and 3D-printed medical equipment parts.

Other innovations include exploring new ways to sterilise personal protective equipment used in clinics and large public spaces and how to maximise the use of ventilators to treat three patients at a time.

The centre has appealed to all UAE-based businesses, manufacturers, distributors, engineers and the wider scientific community to contribute to the initiative’s mass production ambitions.

Researchers said the donation of equipment, resources, raw materials, knowledge transfer and vital parts can be the difference that turns the tide against an invisible enemy.

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