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Just like meetings today, the use of technology in events is advancing. Not only is the industry growing, but technology is causing events and meetings to transform into more mobile, data-driven, and efficient happenings. The future of the meetings and the events industry is going to be transformed by the following trends:

Mobile Event Tickets

Going mobile is a trend that we are seeing in every industry today. This innovation has made waves in the events industry because of electronic tickets and purchasing systems. Not only does a mobile ticketing system allow easy access to clients, but they offer convenience and a new experience. Whether event promoters, venues, and planners utilise a website or create an app for events, consumers are more engaged. 

Managing tickets for events is also easier for event planners and consumers. They are also an opportunity for additional revenue because mobile tickets can have packages, be bought with cashless systems, and increase consumer satisfaction because of seamless interactions. 

Reduction in Costs

Using technology in the event industry has been shown to increase attendance and productivity while reducing related costs. Investing in the appropriate technologies can increase an event’s return on investment (ROI) because it is more convenient and still offers opportunities for engagement and interaction. In general, a virtual event budget is much smaller than one that requires in-person speakers, vendors, and participants. 

Big Data

While technology and big data’s potential has already been recognised and is being used to the advantage of businesses in other industries, the events industry has not tapped into this resource yet. However, with the increasing use of QR codes, online tickets, event mobile apps, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and social media, data collection has never been easier. The events industry will be able to take advantage of this big data and gather insights in real-time in order to give attendees the best event experience possible. 

Safety and Security

Attendees and event planners have prioritised safety and security at events and meetings in light of the pandemic. Event safety has become a concern which is why using technology during this time has caused the industry to boom with online meetings, conferences, and live-streaming events. Event security has easily become a necessity as well with the increase in cyber-attacks. The events industry can adapt technology to guarantee security and the success of safe events for attendees. 

How Technology is Transforming the Future of Events & Meetings
How Technology is Transforming the Future of Events & Meetings
Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR)

May it be due to safety or the hefty costs of attending events in person, soon virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) events will be the norm. Attendees will no longer have to be physically present to participate in or experience events and gatherings with VR or AR events.

Engagement and Interactions

Unlike other marketing channels, events are able to enable attendees’ engagement and interactions with businesses like no other. Technology is being used create relationships between consumers and exhibitors, business owners, and speakers with more interactive events. Mobile even applications are the new medium for interactions and can be used to promote event merchandise or gather insights on attendee experiences. 

Robots and Drones

Drones are already being used to film events from different perspectives which allows event promoters to create more diverse and interesting content. Drone events also use these technologies to create light displays and make aerial photography possible. Robots are also becoming normal at events by catering to attendees’ needs and queries as well as delivering presentations. 

How Technology is Transforming the Future of Events & Meetings
How Technology is Transforming the Future of Events & Meetings
Videos and Live Streaming

Live streaming, 360 videos, and VR technology have made events today more immersive and creative. This means of communication is becoming essential and preferred because it increases brand-consumer engagement and live event video streaming can be free of charge in many instances (e.g. charity events). 

The Events Industry Tomorrow

These trends are just a glimpse of the future that the events industry is heading towards. Take advantage of the technology being used today to create more interactive, engaging, and memorable meetings and events. 

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