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A logo is not just an identity, it is what represents your brand and is often the first thing your customers will identify, connect and engage with. Let’s talk about Apple, what’s the first thing that comes to our mind? The bitten apple logo, of course. Designing a logo is difficult and what’s more difficult is making it memorable. This is where choosing the services of the best logo design expert in town will help. But, with the right vision, strategies, typography and some suggestions from leading branding experts, you can craft the perfect professional logo design for your business with minimal effort, let’s get started.

How to design a logo according to the Branding experts?
Know your audience

Before starting from ground zero, it is important to know your target audience. There is no point in designing a business logo if it doesn’t connect with your customer’s interests. By understanding their requirements such as the attributes that connect them to your business, locality, age group, etc. you can create a logo that appeals to your audience.

Focus on a simple easy design

Remember one thing, the attention span of an average customer is just seconds. If your logo is something simple yet unique, the chances of customers noticing them and recalling them are pretty much high. This is not possible with an intricately detailed design. Also, when crafting the professional logo design, make sure it must have an uncomplicated form such that it can work in different sizes and applications.

Choose the right colour & typography

Have you seen the font and colour palette used by Apple or almost every successful brand in existence? They look so beautifully designed, and the right colours that resonate with their brand have been used. Choosing the right font and colours is important to make your logo successful. As your professional logo design will be used on digital platforms such as your website, ad copy, merchandise and offline printed mediums, it must be clear, bold and easy to view.

When it comes to fonts, there are various types to choose from. Some of them include the Serif logo fonts, Sans serif logo fonts, and Script logo fonts. You can also go unique by implementing decorative logo fonts that are custom-designed fonts to the brand and are developed just to create a unique display logo. If you are not sure about where to begin identifying the right fonts, the best place to get started is your competitors. This way you can get an idea about the colours and typefaces that are currently being used.

Research your competition

Remember what I told you about researching your competition to get an idea about fonts & colours? Well, there’s another aspect to it. What if your design looks similar in terms of colours, fonts or worst case scenario, a direct rip-off of your competitors? That’s not something any brand wants to have. Choosing a reliable logo design expert will give you more options to choose from and assist with your logo design process.

Or if you prefer it to be done by yourself, make sure to do your homework. By checking out the rival brands, you can conclude the type of colours, fonts, etc that they have used. There’s nothing to be ashamed of researching as it is key to getting some cool logo design ideas. Look for ways that you can make the If you want your business logo to stand out, you must put in your effort. If all this seems overwhelming, hire the best professional logo design services from reputed agencies right now.

How to design a logo according to the Branding experts?
Keep an eye on feedback

What makes this factor important? If you don’t know, every successful brand’s logo has been perfected by the best logo design expert through this procedure. You won’t be the only one designing the logo. It has to be reviewed by almost all the people working on it. At first, it might be difficult to listen to the things that you don’t want to hear but that is the only way to make improvements. Once the logo is launched, you can create a survey with your target audience to know their feedback. You’ll probably get a lot of random feedback praising or degrading your logo. However, if a lot of your audience comes up with the same issue or change, that is something to take notice of and address it asap.

Try incorporating a unique tagline

Taglines if implemented properly can significantly enhance your business. If you decide to use one, just make sure it is something catchy, meaningful and connects with your potential customers. For example, we all know Nike’s iconic tagline” Just do it”. If you surely desire one but have limited time, hiring the services of a renowned branding expert should do the trick.

Get it designed by the best logo design expert

Do the tips seem too much to handle by yourself? Don’t worry that’s exactly why logo designing agencies are there for you. But it is not wise to choose one randomly as various factors have to be considered. This may include the agency’s reputation, successful track record, testimonials, works they have done, etc. GTECH is one such branding expert company known for its innovative services that include digital media services, interactive marketing services, event solutions and a lot more. Connect with us to know more.

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