When managing e-commerce websites, search engine optimization should be one of your top priorities. Being aware of how to do SEO for an e-commerce website is an effective strategy for ensuring higher rankings in Google. The website traffic increases with brand enhancement, leading to more conversions for your business.

The first step in understanding how to do SEO for an e-commerce website is to make a strategic plan and learn SEO basics. So, let’s figure out a few steps that you can take to improve your rankings.

how to do seo for ecommerce website
How To Do SEO For An eCommerce Website – A Checklist

Creating a robots.txt file

A robots.txt file allows Google to crawl locate and display images. A few pages, such as the checkout page, are better left unattended even though you want the majority of the pages to be accessible online.

To your site map, you may add a robots.txt file if you already do not have one. More frequently, you may find them on your own site, as you require admin privileges to log in.

Submission of sitemap to Google

A sitemap is a quick and easy approach to make it simpler for Google to read your website. It functions as a kind of manual in ensuring that the crawling of your pages is more effective.

You just need to use a sitemap tool to generate one for your site and then submit it using the sitemap tool. The same process can be done with other search engines like Google and Bing.

Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is the heart and soul of search engine optimization. In understanding the process of how to do SEO for an e-commerce website, the role of search engines is important. The moment you type in a query on Google, it will find the most relevant results.

What is a keyword? It is a phrase or a keyword that summarises a page’s content. On pages with good SEO, the keyword will be within the title, so you will be able to work out what keyword the page is targeting.

It is really important to conduct keyword research. Stay Ahead of the Competition with these Keyword Research Tools. This will help you determine whether you should invest time and money in keyword search optimization or try another marketing strategy.

how to do seo for ecommerce website
How To Do SEO For An eCommerce Website – A Checklist

Filtering of keywords

You do not want to use all the keywords found in your research. Not all keywords are great keywords. To pare down the list, there are a few things to consider.

  • Volume: The first thing that you need to consider is whether people are looking for your product or service online. If there is no search volume for your product, you are not likely to obtain traffic from Google, even if your keyword ranks well.
  • Keyword difficulty: This is another factor to consider, but it is hard to judge if you are not an SEO expert. Keyword difficulty is the number that indicates how difficult it is to rank a specific keyword. Some keywords are difficult to rank since there is already a lot of content around the topic.
  • Long-tail keywords: An easy approach to take is to opt for long-tail keywords. Since there are more specialized keywords, there is less volume and competition at the same time. An example is that rather than choosing silver earrings, you can choose gold-plated silver earrings or plain silver stud earrings.
  • User intent: When you are doing keyword research, you need to filter your keywords by intent. The right intent is necessary, as you are going to waste time and energy creating pages or articles that won’t rank.

Creating supporting content

Just because you have an e-commerce shop does not mean you will not have a blog. A sensible move will be to have a blog and incorporate some of the international keywords you find in the research process.

For attracting new users to your website, content marketing is a viable tool to convert them into leads. Supporting content will enable you to increase your authority in a particular domain and help commercial pages rank better.

Optimization of on-page SEO

The pages need to be as user-friendly as possible. From the web page’s design to the quality of the content you upload, you should do whatever you can to improve the page. The first thing that you can do is include the chosen keyword in the H1 heading of a page.

The first item Google will crawl is the title. But be sure to utilize original page titles and focus your page’s SEO on just one keyword. Throughout the page, you may include headings. This will draw the attention of the reader.

Incorporate some text and FAQs

Even if you have a simple overview page or simple product page with several products, you should optimize that page for the chosen keyword. It may not suffice to have your product title, as you need to add some description text and, when possible, a few FAQs.

Incorporating these elements will enrich your product page and help you rank frequently asked questions for a particular topic.

Check for duplicate content

Duplicate content will kill your rankings. This is bound to be the case if you copy content not only from other websites but even from your own. No page should have the same content as another page. You must make sure that the descriptions are written differently using distinct text, even if the product is the same.

If you feel that anyone else is copying your content, use a plagiarism tool to detect it. Even if your website has a lot of pages, do some research and see if you find the same text in different spots. If you do, change it immediately.

how to do seo for ecommerce website
How To Do SEO For An eCommerce Website – A Checklist

Improve page loading speed

Page loading speed is an important component of search engine optimisation. Especially on mobile phones, your website should load fast. No one has the time to wait, and Google does not want to rank a page that takes forever to load.

The customers will be frustrated, and an ideal loading time should be 1 to 2 seconds.

To conclude, by now you know how to do SEO for an e-commerce website and its importance. By following the above steps in the e-commerce SEO checklist, you can put your business on the right track. In due course, you will witness an increase in the website’s organic traffic. Discover how eCommerce seo agency can take your online business to new heights

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