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If you are thinking about an Angular application, it’s vital to make angular app SEO friendly. Most search engines crawl mobile apps and sites for data. If you do not consider SEO for angular application then it may not rank well. 

To make your Angular app SEO-friendly – you can start from scratch or add it to your regular application. While using it, you can leverage it from the Angular bundle from the server side and client side. 

How To Make Angular Application SEO-Friendly?

However, if you have no idea how to get started, it’s essential to consult a reputable Angular Development Agency.

Why is SEO in Angular application important?
  • SEO is also known as search engine optimization and gets your web application on the search results. 
  • However, to get your application on the top list, you will have to tweak changes or make Angular App SEO friendly
  • The searchers put their trust in SEO for getting the best results, and reaching a top spot will give your app a reliable position. 
  • Besides, SEO helps to increase the visibility and traffic to your web application, making it a success. 

It increases the chance to provide better website services to the number of users. Thus, it is essential to make Angular app seo friendly.

Steps to Build Angular App SEO Friendly:-
Set up the titles and Meta tags to mark better SEO for angular application

You need to set up the titles and meta tags of the app. Angular provides different meta-services for changing titles on web apps. 

Additionally, the search engines crawl through this data to give the search results. There are methods you can use for Meta service like:








  • Angular is effective in checking any duplication of Meta tags, which saves time and effort. If a particular Meta tag already exists in the list, it won’t allow the tag to be added to the app. You can also manually check for Meta tags before adding.
How To Make Angular Application SEO-Friendly?
Creating a standard app with the Meta service

Start by creating a new Angular app using the following command:

ng new angular-meta-service

After which, you need to run the application with the following command:

ng serve

After adding the app, you will be able to see it on http://localhost:4200. After which, you need to check the view source of the web page. However, there won’t be any major content in the tag.

Create a build-line by using the following command:

npm run build

You will have robots, descriptions, and og. title in the tag. 

Angular Universal 

Angular universal benefits from client-side and server-side rendering. The SSR or server-side rendering is a technique that converts a single-page app that runs in the browser into a server-based app. Let’s see how you can create a standard angular application with server-side rendering. 

Create a new Angular app using the code:

ng serve

you can see the results on the page – localhost:4200. But, it is important to check the view source on the page.

  • Now add the code @nguniversal/express-engine to the app with the command:
ng add @nguniversal/express-engine
  • Many files will be added to the project after execution.
  • There will be changes in the pacakage.json files 

You can then create a different build using the command:

npm run build:ssr

Now finally check if the SSR is implemented successfully by adding the code:

npm run server:ssr
  • Check the source page, and if you have content between the app-root tag – your SSR is successfully implemented.
What does it take to make Angular app SEO friendly?

You need to analyze the existing app function and functionality before implementing the changes. Moreover, you will need to check the previously built app functions, if any. 

Also, while dealing with legacy apps, update the Angular version. It is a good idea to keep your framework and app updated and take advantage of the changes and improvements available in the new versions of the framework. 

However, if the app has external dependencies and is not compatible with the new version, it may take time to fix all the changes made. But it’s significant to make all the changes in the app after the new upgrade. 

  • After the changes, apply all the SEO-related changes in the application root.
  • Enable the SSR load while using the Angular universal feature. 
  • Most importantly, check if your SEO configs meet your business needs or site requirements.

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